Don’t trust your family

Back in 1997 my Uncle Al figured he could write and draw comics as well as I. So I gave him a shot at it. These were published. I only lost about a hundred papers.Ernie 97-02-24 Ernie 97-02-25 Ernie 97-02-26 Ernie 97-02-27 Ernie 97-02-28 Ernie 97-03-01

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Pickle Dropped By…

The other day. As always, he was resplendent in his attire.


What the heck is THIS?!!! I attract the weirdest bugs…

IMG_4358Back in 2008 Ernie decided to enhance his appearance…

Ernie 08-12-01Ernie 08-12-02Ernie 08-12-03Ernie 08-12-04Ernie 08-12-05Ernie 08-12-06

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I’ve always loved humor, and I think my favorite when I was a kid was Jimmy Durante.We had an old 78 record of Jimmy singing “G’wan Home Yer Mudder’s Callin’”. I wore that sucker out playing it over and over. It was long since lost. But a couple years ago Bobby London (Dirty Duck) sent me this.

You can buy a CD collection of Jimmy’s songs. All very funny.

As an aside, when my old man was young he went to California four times and always found work in the movies. He worked for Fatty Arbuckle and  Buster Keaton. When talkies came around, Buster faded from prominence, so the studio teamed him up with a young comedian named Jimmy Durante.

Here’s a clip from Jimmy’s radio show from 1948. Gary Moore is his young sidekick. They teamed up and they were very funny together.

By the way here’s the  url of the new King Features Blog. You can see current strips from 2011 on. I’ve added a link to the blog in my menu bar above.

I guess this is a couple of weeks late, but back in the 96 Olympics Thailand fielded a very competent volley team. The members were all transvestites. Naturally I fielded my own team…Ernie 96-09-02Ernie 96-09-03 Ernie 96-09-04 Ernie 96-09-05 Ernie 96-09-06 Ernie 96-09-07

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!…..

What’s that crawling up my leg?!!!!! IMG_4352

OK, Big news. Here’s the King Features link to their Ernioe/Piranha Club blog: Evidently they have all the daily strips from 2011 on posted.

The foot-long meatloaf:IMG_4324Plums on my plum tree. These little plums are better than any thing you can buy at the supermarket. Tomorrow, because I have so many, I’m going to make PLUM JELLY!!! Yum!!!

IMG_4350And finally (Thank goodness) flies are bad this year. I bought fly paper. But the flies totally ignored it! Turns out that flies are among the most intelligent of all dipteras! But they love stinky stuff so much they stop thinking when they come across a delicious odor. (No, I didn’t poop in the corner. If you thought so, you should seek immediate psychiatric help.) I hanged the fly paper strip over the garbage can! Which proves that I’m smarter than a fly, which, as I said is the MOST INTELLIGENT OF ALL IN THE ORDER DIPTERA!

IMG_4349Ok, here’s a week from 2008…

Ernie 08-06-03Ernie 08-06-05Ernie 08-06-04Ernie 08-06-07Ernie 08-06-02Ernie 08-06-06


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The King Features Blog…

Is finally up. Or it will be very soon. It has Ernie/Piranha Club daily strips in chronological order from 2011. King Features does the coloring in house. Tea Fougner at King is the gal who put it all together. I’m going to do a little tweaking on it when I get time, but check it out: This probably doesn’t work yet, but I’ll straighten out the address and let you know.

I haven’t done much drawing for the past month. The frau and I have been fixing up the shack on the Chesapeake. It was built in 1896, and it looks it. photo 2Today they’re putting in a new counter top. We never had a dishwasher or a disposal before. I have it ready to put together. Here’s the before shot:


Here’s part two of the story about Earl’s escape:

Ernie 94-02-14 copyErnie 94-02-15 copyErnie 94-02-16 copyErnie 94-02-17 copyErnie 94-02-18 copyErnie 94-02-19 copy

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And what am I doing? I’m taking it easy, sitting on the porch and sipping pina coladas. What is Frau Pork doing? She’s painting the house.


Sunset last night at the Miles River Yacht Club. My neighbors are members. No way they’ll let me join.IMG_4308This morning I had a visitor on my dock…IMG_4319And now here’s part 1 of a tragic story from 1994. OH NO! Will Sid ever see Earl again?!!!

Ernie 94-02-07 copy Ernie 94-02-08 copy Ernie 94-02-09 copy Ernie 94-02-10 copy Ernie 94-02-11 copy Ernie 94-02-12 copy



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Heeeee’s Back!

I’m back in business, Folks. I had some problems with my WIFI while I was over in the boondocks. Hopefully I can get it straightened out this coming week. So to say I’m sorry, here are two Fortune Teller Effie Sundays from 2010 and  a week’s worth of dailies from 2004…Ernie-10-06-27j Ernie-10-02-07jErnie 04-10-19

Ernie 04-10-20

Ernie 04-10-21

Ernie 04-10-22

Ernie 04-10-18

Ernie 04-10-23

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What do you do on a beautiful…

June day on the Chesapeake Bay? You go down to Lowe’s Wharf. That’s between St. Michaels and Tillman Island. It’s on a spit of land a couple hundred yards into the water. It’s a motel, bar, restaurant, beach. There’s a beach volleyball net, a little band stand, a little marine, open air bar and lots of other amenities. It’s filled in with sand behind the bulkhead with picnic tables and room for the kids to play. If you come in your boat on weekends there’s a waterer taxi to get you ashore. The place is very popular among the locals.




IMG_4226Here is a week’s worth of dailies from 1992.

Ernie 92-03-30p

Ernie 92-03-31p Ernie 92-04-01p Ernie 92-04-02p Ernie 92-04-03p Ernie 92-04-04p


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You might have noticed…

That I removed the comments boxes on these posts. The reason is because I was being overwhelmed by spam. If you’d like to send me a message go to the email link on the menu bar above. All I did last week was work on our house on the Chesapeake. I didn’t take pictures, but I will this coming week. Last week I installed a new oven and cooktop hood. Now I have to install a new cooktop and tear the counter apart and install a dishwasher. And rebuild my boat lift. And replace the deck and… I think I said something about that last time. I don’t have much else to post here, so I’m desperate for something to put in. You might as well suffer. Here’s Buddy Valentine’s latest hit, Since I Don’t Have You. You probably don’t remember this song unless you 80 or 90 years old. Think he can hit those high notes at the end?

And just a reminder, The Kindle version of all the daily strips from 1989 is available in the Buy Stuff page. Well, actually you have to go to Amazon to get it.

OK, It’s finally summer and here’s how Spencer helps keep the neighbors cool. This is from July 1999.

Ernie 99-07-26Ernie 99-07-27Ernie 99-07-28Ernie 99-07-29Ernie 99-07-30Ernie 99-07-31

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I’m Busting My Butt

Over here on the Chesapeake. Frau Grace says I have to fix up the shack. I’m remodeling the kitchen ( I installed a new oven and stove hood. The last time anybody did any thing was WWII. I still have to tear out the counter top and install a dishwasher and a cook top. When I”m done I’ll post a picture. I happen to be very handy around the h0use.) Today I tore apart my boat lift. It’s totally rusting and rotting. Last yer some guy told me he’d do it for $12000. GIVE ME A BREAK!! DO I HAVE SUCKER WRITTEN ALL OVER MY PRETTY FACE?!!! I’ll do it myself. Here’s what it looked like this morning…

IMG_4149Here’s what it looks like now…

IMG_4153Just a reminder- I finally got the Kindle book out. Look at last weeks entry or got to “Buy Stuff”. It’s CHEAP!


Ok, here’s the end of the story I started last week:

Ernie 04-01-19Ernie 04-01-20Ernie 04-01-21Ernie 04-01-22Ernie 04-01-23Ernie 04-01-24

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