Hey, remember last week I said that I’d have a big announcement this week. Well the big announcement is that the big announcement will be next week. I didn’t get quite finished with what I had to do. Do you know that I haven’t drawn a comic strip in over a month. I’ve been so busy woring on other projects. Fortunately I’m well ahead of my deadlines. Most cartoonist are right down to the wire. I try to be six months ahead. It’s easy because I love drawing my comics.But please tune in next week.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening in Annapolis. For those who don’t live in the USA, Annapolis is the capital of the state of  Maryland. It’s a beautiful old city right on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. (My house is on the Eastern Shore.)


IMG_7714Here’s how the ladies feed ice cream to their dogs in Annapolis:

IMG_7686A popular form of transportation for the tourists are the pedalcabs. (I don’t know if that’s a word or not.)

IMG_7725This is how Batdog gets around.

IMG_7727It’s also the site of the United States Naval Academy. IMG_7712

All the brand new midshipmen came out in their dress whites at six o’clock. Just kids out of high school. And bevies of pretty young women show up as well. They’re hoping to snag a future naval officer.


Take a look at this rhinoceros beetle from my back yard:

IMG_7680Last week I started a story from 1996. Grandpa Fernwilter’s first appearance. Here’s the end of the story:

Ernie 96-08-12 Ernie 96-08-13 Ernie 96-08-14 Ernie 96-08-15 Ernie 96-08-16 Ernie 96-08-17 Ernie 96-08-19 Ernie 96-08-20 Ernie 96-08-21 Ernie 96-08-22 Ernie 96-08-23 Ernie 96-08-24

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Work! Work! Work!

All I did this past week is work. Geeze. I don’t have any fun at all. And the old ball and chain (Frau Grace) is in Texas! You’d think I’d be out drinking and chasing women! But no. I’ve been working on a secret project. Tune in next week. I think I’ll have a big announcement.

OK, we’re going back 20 years to August 1996. It’s the first appearance of guess who! This is part one. If I can remember, I’ll post part 2 next week…Ernie 96-07-29 Ernie 96-07-30 Ernie 96-07-31 Ernie 96-08-01 Ernie 96-08-02 Ernie 96-08-03 Ernie 96-08-05 Ernie 96-08-06 Ernie 96-08-07 Ernie 96-08-08 Ernie 96-08-09 Ernie 96-08-10

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Sorry I’m Late

I came back from Florida last week. We were back in Northern Virginia over the weekend and got back last night. So I’m a day late getting this out.

While we were in Florida Loinfruit moved into the shack. He brought all his junk furniture. Now I don’t have a porch.IMG_7527He also brought all his old groceries. For example…

IMG_7523Ten pounds of grits. He’s so proud of himself!

IMG_7524OK, I’ve got guys in the house putting in a bathroom the place is a wreck. I’ll update next week. I can’t wait to get my toilet back.

IMG_7528Here’s when Arnoldine met Robert, the computer programmer:

Ernie 12-03-19 Ernie 12-03-20 Ernie 12-03-21 Ernie 12-03-22 Ernie 12-03-23 Ernie 12-03-24

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What a cute little kid!

Hello, everybody. I hope you are all enjoying the summer. I’m still in Bradenton, Florida looking for a house that I want to live in. Yesterday we looked at a mansion. 3800 square feet. Marble floors. Olympic size (almost) swimming pool. If you want to see it, go to a real estate site like or The address is 2309 87th St NW, Bradenton, FL 34209. It’s much too big for me. But they are only asking $600,000! Incredible. Up around Washington DC it would be at least 1.7 million. No kidding. Houses down here are really cheap. I suggest everybody cheapskate like me who’s reading this should move to Bradenton.

That’s about all this week. I was thinking about Spencer, so here are five Spencer Sundays from 2003 and 2004.



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Bridge Street

This is Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, Florida. My mother pulled our little 25 foot long Alma across the Bridge and onto Anna Maria Island (My old man hated to drive) in 1951, and she stopped and asked an old man on the street where the Gulf was. He thought she meant a Gulf gas station and pointed back the way we came. The Gulf of Mexico was a block up the street. Here’s Bridge Street now. Where the pier is is where the old wooden bridge was when I was a kid.IMG_7506

Where this guy is casting his net is just to the right of the pier. When I was a kid a dead sea cow washed up on the beach. I have an old photo of my mother somewhere sitting on it.


Just to the lefet of the pier is the Drift Inn Bar. It’s been there over 75 years. My best friend, Freddy, his mother was a bartender there. My Uncle Spencer (Yes, Spencer is named after him.) used to hang out there because it was the cheapest bar in Manatee County. He would sit there all day drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

IMG_7505Here’s a shot of Bridge Street now.

IMG_7503At the top of Bridge Street used to sit Herb’s Silver Dollar Bar. The bar was 25 or 30 feet long and it was covered edge to edge with silver dollars. It was great place. There’s a nice place there now where it used to stand. It reminds me of sloppy Joe’s in Key West. I think it’s called the Beach Times.

IMG_7499And, finally, right across the street from the Beach Times is the Bradenton Beach Moose Lodge. It’s got to be the best Moose Lodge in the country. It sits smack on the beach. My friend Freddy and I went to a New Years Eve party with his mom and dad way back in the 60’s. And what a wonderful time that was.

IMG_7501Enough of that. Here’s a story from 1990…Ernie 90-11-08 Ernie 90-11-09 Ernie 90-11-10 Ernie 90-11-12 Ernie 90-11-13 Ernie 90-11-14 Ernie 90-11-15 Ernie 90-11-16 Ernie 90-11-17

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At least we have beautiful sunsets

Here in Bradenton. This condo where we are staying is on Palma Sola Bay. We’re not too far from Anna Maria Island where I grew up. And we’re still looking for a house to buy. Maybe one will pop up next week.

IMG_7477This gal in the supermarket is proud to be a facility.

IMG_7478I don’t know what it means.

Have you ever noticed that now that everybody has a camera in his pocket, people have stopped being abducted by space aliens. Not Ernie. Back in 2005 Ernie found himself on the menu.

Ernie 05-01-10Ernie 05-01-11Ernie 05-01-12

Ernie 05-01-13a

Ernie 05-01-14Ernie 05-01-15

Jimmy Hoffa was an American union leader with alleged ties to the Mafia. He disappeared without a trace in 1975.

Ernie 05-01-17oActually, that one didn’t make it past my editor. Here’s the replacement:

Ernie 05-01-17pErnie 05-01-18

James Earl Jones (The voice of Darth Vader) made Sprint commercials.

Ernie 05-01-19Ernie 05-01-20Ernie 05-01-21Ernie 05-01-22Ernie 05-01-24Everybody knows who Eleanor Roosevelt was, right?

Ernie 05-01-25Ernie 05-01-26Ernie 05-01-27Ernie 05-01-28Ernie 05-01-29

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Nothing to report except it’s hot as hell

Not just here in Florida, but all over the USA. What continues to amaze me is how people with absolutely no background in or understanding of physics believe they know all there is to know about thermodynamics in general and global warming in particular. A friend of mine was carrying on a couple of years ago about how all this global warming stuff was all a bunch of bull hockey. I asked him what the second law of thermodynamics was, and he got this really stupid look on his face. I, myself, certainly don’t claim to be an authority on topics I know very little about. But I do know quite a bit about physics.

If you are one of the science deniers, consider this. Suppose you have two balls, exactly the same size and weight. You put them in the sun. Which one heats up faster? If you said the black one, of course you would be correct. I grew up in the Florida sun and I can assure you that it’s much easier to walk barefoot on the white sand than it is in on the black asphalt. I used to see how long I could take the pain when I was a kid before I jumped off the road. And when you take the two balls out of the sun, the black one cools off much faster than the white. That’s called “black body radiation”. The same thing happens with ink and milk. It’s easily demonstrated. The science deniers must believe that although the phenomenon works with molecules in both a solid state and a liquid state, it doesn’t work on molecules in a gaseous state. I find that very silly.

Enough of that. Two weeks ago I was talking about my unquestioned ability to predict the future. I spoke of when I correctly predicted cows falling out of the sky. (I also correctly predicted the 2008 U.S. presidential election even way before the Democratic and Republican conventions. So there.) Here are some of the falling cow comic stripes from 1990. By the way, my mention of the U.S. bombing of Libya got me thrown out of 15 American newspapers. Or maybe it was the Dan Quayle joke. (He was George Bush’s vice president, and he was not known for his soaring intellect) I’m sure everybody remembers Dr. Carl Sagan (“Billyuns and billyuns and billyuns…). Sam Donaldson was a television news reporter who who was a big thorn in the side of the Republican administration. He was often ignored at news conferences. My editor, Jay Kennedy was so very very good at his job. He tragically died in 2007. I heavily relied on his judgement . I still miss his expertise. The Trix gag had to do with a kids’ tv commercial for Trix breakfast cereal. The rabbit was always trying to get some Trix to eat. He never did. I felt bad for him.

Ernie 90-05-25Ernie 90-05-26Ernie 90-05-28Ernie 90-05-29Ernie 90-05-30Ernie 90-05-31Ernie 90-06-01Ernie 90-06-02Ernie 90-06-04Ernie 90-06-05Ernie 90-06-06Ernie 90-06-07Ernie 90-06-08Ernie 90-06-09


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Am I Patriotic or What?!!!

Happy Fourth of July. Here I am waving the flag. Actually I’m waving two and wearing one around my neck.IMG_0142I’m still in Florida looking for a house to buy. There doesn’t seem to be much coming on the market lately. At least none that I want to live in.


Went to the movies last night. Something I usually do only once a year. I’m easily bored. I saw the new Tarzan movie. Too much Tarzan, too few gorillas. I hate to spoil the ending, but here it is. Tarzan wins and the bad guys lose.

At the King Features web site (See the link in the menu bar?) they tell me it’s National Kissing Week. OK. Right. Here’s Hot Lips Arnoldski back in 1994…

Ernie 94-09-05 Ernie 94-09-06 Ernie 94-09-07 Ernie 94-09-08 Ernie 94-09-09 Ernie 94-09-10 Ernie 94-09-12 Ernie 94-09-13 Ernie 94-09-14 Ernie 94-09-15 Ernie 94-09-16 Ernie 94-09-17

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Nostrildamus Returns.

Remember when I predicted that cows would fall out of the sky? About 26 years ago? And it happened? And remember when I had Mother Teresa bungie jumping? And that very same day she passed away? Well, Nostrildamus (Remember when I was Nostrildamus about 20 years ago/) did it again! Last week I had Ernie’s robot conspiring with his toaster. Dr. Dave from good ol’ PA (I was born in PA. Chester, to be specific. The jewel of Pensylvania!) Dr. Dave from good ol’ PA sent me this link:

Put that in your pipe of incredulity and smoke it! Let’s see if I can find that old toaster story from years ago…

OK, These are from 1988:Ernie 88-11-30Ernie 88-12-01Ernie 88-12-02Ernie 88-12-03Ernie 88-12-05Ernie 88-12-06Ernie 88-12-07These are from 1989:Ernie 89-11-02 Ernie 89-11-01 Ernie 89-10-31 Ernie 89-10-30And if you forgot Nostrildamus, these are from 1997

Ernie 97-02-12 Ernie 97-02-13 Ernie 97-02-14

Ernie 97-02-15Ernie 97-02-17Ernie 97-02-18

Frau Grace calls me “Poop for Brains”

Ernie 97-02-19Ernie 97-02-20Ernie 97-02-21Ernie 97-02-22


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Happy Fathers Day

Hey, I forgot to hit the “post” button last week. I’m sorry. I’m in Florida, staying at my cousin’s condominium. Things were a little screwed up. Tropical storm Colin came through. It blew and poured rain for 2 days. The tide came way up over my cousin’s dock.

IMG_7458Did a job on it. It needed replacing anyway, so I rebuilt it. Yes, besides being extremely attractive, I’m also an expert dock builder. If you recall, last year I rebuilt my own dock on the Chesapeake. (I also rebuilt my bulkhead) Before and after:IMG_7463 IMG_7467If you’re looking for my pizza recipe, it’s in the May 15 post.

Hey, It’s Fathers Day here in the US of A! I know that some of you men out there have got to be bum fathers. Like Sid’s pop, Grandpa Fernwilter. Here are a couple stories from a few years back:

Grandpa’s Reconciliation…

Ernie 11-03-28 Ernie 11-03-29 Ernie 11-03-30 Ernie 11-03-31 Ernie 11-04-01 Ernie 11-04-02

Pet Day at the Nursing Home…Ernie 12-03-05 Ernie 12-03-06 Ernie 12-03-07 Ernie 12-03-08 Ernie 12-03-09 Ernie 12-03-10

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