I’m back and it’s colder than a well digger’s

pimply butt. All I have is a photo of the coal fired power plant I took from the Highway 301 bridge where it crosses the Potomac River. This is near where it dumps into the Chesapeake Bay. I live on the other side of the Bay just outside St. Michaels Maryland. Huge mountains of coal piled behind the plant. There goes good old Mother Earth.

IMG_7031When we got back we learned that we have to put a reverse osmosis water purifier on our drinking water. You might know that we just had a new well drilled. It turns out that the well water in this area has arsenic levels above the 10 parts per billion level set by the State of Maryland, which was taken from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The limit used to be 50 ppb, but they changed it in 2004. Man! There goes my plans to terminate the old ball and chain. And it’s another 700 bucks down the toilet. The plumber is coming tomorrow (Monday) morning.

I get my right eye fixed this Tuesday. It’s been hard drawing with one eye good and the other one hors de combat. So I’ll be out of commission most of next week.

Hey, today is Valentines Day!!! So this is a little love story. The first part is from 1998 and the second from 1999.Ernie 98-03-09 Ernie 98-03-10 Ernie 98-03-11 Ernie 98-03-12 Ernie 98-03-13 Ernie 98-03-14 Ernie 98-03-16 Ernie 98-03-17 Ernie 98-03-18 Ernie 98-03-19Ernie 98-03-20After this I did a week of Effie trying to find a job in another comic strip. I could put that on the blog if you like. Now we jump ahead to 1999. Sid was still two-timing Effie.

Ernie 99-08-30 Ernie 99-08-31 Ernie 99-09-01 Ernie 99-09-02 Ernie 99-09-03 Ernie 99-09-04 Ernie 99-09-06 Ernie 99-09-07 Ernie 99-09-08 Ernie 99-09-09 Ernie 99-09-10 Ernie 99-09-11



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I’m Back in Florida

Frau Grace’s dad passed away last Tuesday. He was 95. He had a full, productive life. If you’re interested, here’s the obit I wrote. He did so much that I forgot that he was also president of the Miss Florida Pageant forty years ago when I first met him.

Other than that, check out Mr. Lust and his purple 98 Camaro:

IMG_7020He told me that he got that plate when he bought the car 17 years ago.

Hopefully I’ll get back home by Wednesday and get back to work. Now here’s a story from this time in 1996. Sid has stomach problems…

Ernie 96-02-05 Ernie 96-02-06 Ernie 96-02-07 Ernie 96-02-08 Ernie 96-02-09 Ernie 96-02-10 Ernie 96-02-12 Ernie 96-02-13 Ernie 96-02-14 Ernie 96-02-15 Ernie 96-02-16 Ernie 96-02-17


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Spring is on it’s way!

At least according to the robins in my yard. Here it is the middle of winter and the robins are already back. They have got to be the stupidest birds on the planet. When I was a kid in Florida, the robins used to winter on my island. They would eat the fermented palm berries and get stinking drunk. They’d be falling over and walking into things. Very funny. They probably come north to sober up.

I had to get a big box of pictures out of Frau grace’s closet. By the way, she’s still in Florida with her dad. Loinfruit and I are flying down tomorrow. Her 95 year old dad isn’t doing well. I’ll stay down there for the duration, so forgive me if I’m not good at answering your emails. Here’s her closet after I found the big box of pictures.

IMG_7014Please notice that the closet is absolutely crammed to the top even after I took out all that stuff on the floor. We also have a ten by ten storage unit, a five by eight storage unit, a ten by twelve Pod and an attic all stuffed with junk. And her clothes are stacked all over the house. God help me. As soon as things in Florida are resolved I’m buying a new house. I’ll keep this one so she has a place to keep her treasures. Don’t tell her I said that.

Just for a change of pace, Here’s a few single panel cartoons I drew about 30 years ago or so. If you don’t know, I started out drawing gag cartoons for magazines. I was pretty good at it. This first on is for Constance M. in Japan:






B-56I did a lot of science related gags. That comes from my background in physics before I started drawing.







You had to be there to appreciate that one. I believe that all the equations on the board are authentic.


A-88 c





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I guess I won’t be needing these…


I can see great out of my left eye. That’s my boss eye. Thanks so much for all your good wishes. Tuesday I have to go back to Northern Virgina to see my doctor.


Frau Grace is still in Orlando taking care of her dad. I’m stuck here all alone. Check out the flock of wild turkeys the day before the blizzard.

IMG_6996We got ten or twelve inches here on the Bay.IMG_7001Check the icicles.IMG_7004

Here’s a story from winter of 1995. Barnacle Bill is looking for work. Hey, if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know what it’s like. When I was 17 I was a bus boy in Pete Reynard’s Yacht Club Restaurant in Holmes Beach, Florida. Actually, there wasn’t any yacht club. Pete just thought it sounded classy. The food wasn’t much good either.

Ernie 95-01-30 Ernie 95-01-31 Ernie 95-02-01p Ernie 95-02-02 Ernie 95-02-03 Ernie 95-02-04 Ernie 95-02-06 Ernie 95-02-07

The next one was never published

Ernie 95-02-08oErnie 95-02-08p Ernie 95-02-09 Ernie 95-02-10 Ernie 95-02-11


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Get Well Soon

Yes, tomorrow (Monday) I’m going in for my cataract surgery. Hopefully I’ll be able to see well in at least one eye for the first time since I was 13. Wish me luck.

I don’t have much to share. All I did this week was work. I’m trying to catch up for the month I lost when I was in Florida. Frau Grace’s dad is about the same. She says she’s going to stay down there for the duration. Hey, when the cat’s away, the rat will play! That’s me. The rat.

Like music? So does Schultz the Butcher.

Ernie 12-02-27 Ernie 12-02-28 Ernie 12-02-29 Ernie 12-03-01 Ernie 12-03-02 Ernie 12-03-03When I was a kid I played the violin. Sort of. I was easily as bad as Spencer.

Ernie 11-04-04 Ernie 11-04-05 Ernie 11-04-06 Ernie 11-04-07 Ernie 11-04-08 Ernie 11-04-09


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I’m finally back home

I got back from Orlando last Wednesday. Thank you  to all of you who wished us the best. Frau Grace is still in Orlando caring for her father. His condition hasn’t changed much. I had to get back to catch up I lost a month’s worth of work. I’m very happy to be back in the harness again. I just finished two weeks worth of dailies, Arnoldine’s prom. I’ll publish it in May.

Some winter, huh? Here it is the beginning of January and the crocuses are coming up…IMG_6850

And check the high tide. This is my neighbor’s shed and dock. The only time I’ve seen a higher tide was Hurricane Isabel.

IMG_6849A reader asked me about an old Sunday. He didn’t leave his  name. That just goes to show you that my readers are smart.

I have been looking for a comic I vaguely remember from your Ernie strip.
It had Effie in it and the punchline was es o se k es? or something like that.
What I do remember was that my wife and I laughed about it for days.
Would it be possible for you to send it to me or post it on your web site?
If not then thanks anyway for all of the laughs. I still really enjoy your work.

Well, here it is from 1993. along with four others from the same year. That was before I got my first computer, so I don’t have the color files for them. We used to overlay an acetate sheet on the drawing and put little numbers in the closed contours. What a pain that was. Of course my assistant (Frau Grace) did all the work. Now it’s so easy with Photoshop. You pick a color and click on the inside of a closed contour, and it’s done. Kind of. There’s other stuff too, but its so much faster and easier. I can’t imagine how in the very early days even the drawings had to be engraved on plates by hand. Don’t y0ou love technology? Back then I even drew title panels for each Sunday strip.

Here’s the requested strip:

Ernie 93-03-21

Ernie 93-10-03 Ernie 93-11-14 Ernie 93-12-26This next one never appeared. Something about sticking your finger up a cat’s butt that didn’t fly. When I was a little kid in I lived in a little village just outside of Chester called Village Green. I lived on Knowlton Road. Two houses down was the Hennike family. There were five girls, and the youngest was a boy they called Skipper. He was about three. He said to my sister one time “Do you want to see me stick my finger up that cat’s ass?” Of course she said “Yes” and he did. I wonder what happened to that kid.Ernie 93-02-07 oAnd I think this last one is my favorite of all time:

Ernie 93-09-12Whoa! I just checked. Its 5 pm. the tide peaked at 4:50, at 1.56 feet. Wow. I had to secure my neighbor’s boat. The water on his dock was half way up to my knees and mighty cold.IMG_6855My other neighbor’s dock was under too.IMG_6854Even my dock, which is the highest was partly under. See my crappy boat? This spring I’m giving the damn piece of junt to the Maritime Museum in St. Michaels.


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I’m back down in Florida

The situation continues with Frau Grace’s father. I had to drive back to the Chesapeake on Christmas day to register my new (used) Chrysler. Boy do I love this car. The first car I owned was a 54 Pontiac. I was 17. It threw a rod in Warrior, Alabama. I had to take a bus back home. Then I bought a 58 Plymouth. What a piece of junk. Then I bought another car, I forgot what it was. I liked it a lot, but I sold it because my girlfriend at the time had a cadillac. Next was a brand new…. wait for it… 65 Corvair. Ralph Nader was right. Worst car ever made.  After that I bought an Austin Healey 3000, mach 1. Loved it, but it was so old it kept breaking down. As a matter of fact that’s why I married Frau Grace. It stopped running one night when I was sleeping over, so I moved in. Then I bought and old 69 Mercury Marquis convertable. Big black land yacht. Beautiful car, but I didn’t have any money to keep it running. I had an old T-Bird , the sedan, not the sports car, I think I might have had a couple more back then, but I forget. 25 years ago I bought a Dodge Caravan. I loed that one. Frau Grace’s dad gave me two old Chryslers (junk) and then his 99 Continental. That was a good car. I just gave it to the Salvation Army last September. I’m going to give my 98 Sebring to the Salvation Army as well. Last week I reported that car theives had trashed it.Have a 2000 Ford Ranger. I’ve had that for 8 years or so. But I really love the 2013 Chrysler 300 that I just bought. When I get a chance I’ll go through my old photos and see if I can find some car photos.

Enough of that. Here’s a collection of New Years strips from 1990 through 2000.Ernie 90-12-26 Ernie 90-12-27 Ernie 90-12-28 Ernie 90-12-29 Ernie 90-12-31 Ernie 92-01-01 Ernie 92-12-31p Ernie 93-01-01p Ernie 93-12-31 Ernie 94-01-01 Ernie 94-12-31 Ernie 96-12-31 Ernie 97-01-01 Ernie 97-12-31 Ernie 98-01-01 Ernie 99-01-01 Ernie 99-12-31Ernie 00-01-01

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And if that weren’t enough…

Car thieves broke into Frau Grace’s convertible, knocked in the door locks, smashed the ignition cylinder with a brick, and tore everything apart. Tore up the front seat too.I left it at my son’s place in Northeast Washington D.C. when I went to Florida. I think I’ll just have to write it off. Give it to the Salvation Army like I did my Lincoln in September.


IMG_6822 IMG_6823 IMG_6819I had to drive my new (used) Chrysler up to Maryland last Saturday. Hell of a time with my cataracts. My son, Allen, will help me drive back down on Tuesday. Frau’s dad isn’t doing well. I don’t think he’ll make it three more weeks.

One good thing happened though. when I was in Bradenton I found my best friend from childhood through college. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years. The last time I saw him was 40 years ago when I visited in Tennessee. That was the night I set the bed on fire. His wife wasn’t real fond of me.

So, I’ve had a pretty tough time lately. Maybe these old comics from 2004 will cheer me up.

Ernie 04-01-12 Ernie 04-01-13 Ernie 04-01-14 Ernie 04-01-15 Ernie 04-01-16 Ernie 04-01-17 Ernie 04-01-19 Ernie 04-01-20 Ernie 04-01-21 Ernie 04-01-22 Ernie 04-01-23 Ernie 04-01-24

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Sorry, I’m running late

I’ve been very busy and it’s late Sunday night, so all I can do tonight is post an old Christmas story. It’s from 2005.Ernie 05-12-12Ernie 05-12-14Ernie 05-12-13The following strip didn’t appear. It was replaced by the subsequent one.

Ernie 05-12-15oErnie 05-12-15pErnie 05-12-16Ernie 05-12-17Ernie 05-12-19Ernie 05-12-20Ernie 05-12-21Ernie 05-12-22Ernie 05-12-23Ernie 05-12-24

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My Old Home Town

I’m back in my old home town, Bradenton Forida. I was in Orlando all last week. Frau Grace stayed there to look after her dad who broke his hip. He’s 95. Whew!

You know, all my cars are old. I gave the 99 Lincoln to the Salvation Army last September. Frau Grace’s Sebring Convertible is a 98 and my Ford Ranger is a 2000. So I bought a car last week in Orlando. It’s 2013 Chrysler 300. 13000 miles, sale price was $23000. What a beautiful car. And it was so easy. We stopped in at Car Max. It’s so easy. I’ll never buy a car anywhere else. We walked in, asked what kind of 300’s they had, they had two with about 13000 miles, took one for a test drive, they checked my credit rating (Believe it or not people trust me), they financed at 1.95%, nothing down, first payment in 45 days, I drove it off the lot in two hours. Amazing, considering the hell you  usually go through when you buy a car. And what a beautiful car. Big,very solid, beautiful ride, great mileage and power, loaded with electronic gadgets. It’s what you call an old man csr. Just what I need. I love it. Especially considering the junk heaps I usually drive around in. In don’t know why people prefer foreign cars to a big Chrysler. You rarely see one on the highway.IMG_6661

Last night I was in Gulfport watching the Christmas boat parade from My cousin Al’s Sister’s Condo. . (Al lives in Bradenton)IMG_6486 IMG_6488 IMG_6489 IMG_6490 IMG_6492It’s almost Christmas, and I haven’t bought the first gift. Except for my favorite person, of course. (Me) (New car) So here are four old Christmas Sundays, 2000-2003.

Ernie-00-12-24-color Ernie-01-12-23-Color Ernie-02-12-22-Color Ernie-03-12-21-Color

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