Cruise to Nova Scotia Part Three

I’m back on schedule again. And I wanted to show you some of the interesting people that I met on our cruise three weeks ago. But first, Our traveling companions were our friends Don and Susan:IMG_6167And our table companions, all members of the Elk Lodge in Fairfax Virginia, Jennifer and Michael:IMG_0280Here are Don, Mary and Marie:DSCN0024And Marty and Mary:DSCN0005And here’s Frau Grace and Susan:IMG_0229All really great people. I enjoyed their company all week long.

But we also had a few celebrities:

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison


Hulk Hogan and Susan


Dig the 80 year old guy in the belly flop contest. The cruise director was afraid he’d hurt himself.

But my favorite was Charles!

IMG_6182Here he is in the Sexiest Man Contest:

He could sing:

And could he ever dance!

But guess who won TWO GOLD MEDALS?!!! Who else?

IMG_6270Buddy Valentine! Eat you heart out, Mark Spitz! One for “Family Feud” (Buddy was the captain and on the face off, “Name a food you would hate to be allergic to”.  Buddy buzzed in with “Spaghetti”. The game was rescued by his team, “The Hopalongs”. Gold medal number two was, naturally, for his tearful rendition of “The Wonder of You”. The crowd went NUTZ!

Enough of that. Here’s a little story from Ernie’s first year, April 1988. I actually wrote and drew a similar monkey  story way back when I first started drawing cartoons, probably around 1975 or so.  In that first version I played the part of Ernie, and Lorraine, who later became Frau Grace, also appeared. I redrew it as it appears here for the newspaper strip.

Ernie 88-04-18Ernie 88-04-19 Ernie 88-04-20 Ernie 88-04-21 Ernie 88-04-22 Ernie 88-04-23 Ernie 88-04-25 Ernie 88-04-26 Ernie 88-04-27 Ernie 88-04-28 Ernie 88-04-29 Ernie 88-04-30

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My Apologies

I’m sorry I missed updating my blog last Sunday. If you read it recently you know thst I went t to Florida. We had to take care of Frau Grace’s dad. Things started off bad and then got worse. Our car broke down in North Carolina. I gave it to the Salvation Army. When we got to Florida we learned the Grandpa’s wife was dying. We had to stay on to take care of him. So I hope you’ll let me by on this one. I even had my blog ready to publish, but with the situation as it was, I never gave it a thought. We got back to our place on the bay last night. Here’s last week’s blog:


Of the four ports we visited, I liked Portland the best.  Don and I spent the day in the Old Port Inn drinking beer. I posted a photos of Portland two weeks ago

Bar Harbor is a quaint tourist town.



This is where Don and I drank beer.



St. John is a blue collar working city, as is Halifax, but one thing it has is the Bay of Fundy. If you don’t know, the Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal change in the world.   It can drop over 20 feet between high and low tide. That’s well over six meters. You can get an idea of it if you look at the high tide mark on the wharf and look at the cars. This was taken from the ship as we pulled back from the mooring with the boat’s thrusters.IMG_6216

The flowers are everywhere

The flowers are everywhere

DSCN0029The final stop was Halifax, Nova Scotia. We didn’t go too far, just along the Harbor Walk…

DSCN0058DSCN0067To the bar…DSCN0070

That’s enough for this time. Next week I’ll show you some of the delightful people I met. Until then, here’s a couple weeks from 1994. Remember Mahatma Coat?…

Ernie 94-07-18 Ernie 94-07-19 Ernie 94-07-20 Ernie 94-07-21 Ernie 94-07-22 Ernie 94-07-23 Ernie 94-07-25 Ernie 94-07-26 Ernie 94-07-27 Ernie 94-07-28 Ernie 94-07-29 Ernie 94-07-30

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Back from Nova Scotia

Hey, I had a terrific time on our cruise from Baltimore to Nova Scotia on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Grandeur of the Seas.I met a lot of interesting people, saw some really good shows and made port calls in Portland and Bar Harbor (Pronounced “Bah Habah”), Maine and St. John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. We were traveling with our friends, Don and Susan. There’s too much to put in one blog post, so I’m going to break it up.

First off, the entertainment was wonderful. The cruise line isn’t good about telling who the entertainers are. They should have posters or something. The first guy was a juggler. I only was able to see the end of his act. He climbed about eight feet up a ladder and danced and juggled and all sorts of stuff. Amazing. I was way back in the theater and I didn’t get any pictures.The next night there was a terrific comedian. I can’t find his name. I spoke to him as he was leaving in St. John. Nice guy. Next was a marvelous violinist. I can’t find his name. I also spoke to him as he was leaving the ship. They probably said you can’t take a video, but I came in late and didn’t hear the announcement. As you may know, I was a violinist when I was a kid. Four years. Once when our school orchestra was giving a concert, our director stopped the music in the middle and apologized for my playing. No lie. I was proud. It was the first time I ever got any attention. Now this guy can play!

The next guy was a Las Vegas act named Tony Tillman. Great singer, too.Just a little copyright infringement here.

The final act that I saw was an Elvis impersonator. He had a three piece band. All really nice people. And they were absolutely great. The cruise director announced once again that you couldn’t take any pictures, and for once I did as he said. I’m sorry now that I listened to him. You’d swear the guy was Elvis. A great act. Once again, I can’t recall his name. Royal Caribbean really should announce their acts on their web site. I assumed the would, and I found out when I got home that they didn’t. Here is the band with Elvis after we left the ship in Baltimore.


The final act was an aerial act. No recordings allowed, but here is a very brief teaser.

And, of course, entertainment in what they called the Centrum…

All the entertainment was first rate, and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

Next week I’ll show you a few of the wonderful people I met, and show some pictures of the ports where we stopped.

I have to go to Florida next week, and I’m not sure when I’ll get back. So if I’m late next week I’ll try to catch up as soon as I can.


Meanwhile back in 2003 I took a cruise to the Caribbean and over to Mexico. Here’s the the results of that trip. I’ll be drawing up my thoughts on this current trip when I get back from Florida.

Ernie 03-06-16 Ernie 03-06-17 Ernie 03-06-18 Ernie 03-06-19 Ernie 03-06-20 Ernie 03-06-21oWell, that last one didn’t make it past my editor. Here’s the replacement…Ernie 03-06-21p

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Thar She Blows!

Tha Frau and I are on our cruise to Nova Scotia.We’re traveling with our friends, Susan and Don on the Royal Caribbean ship, Grandeur of the Seas. The ship is nice. The food isn’t real good. We left Baltimore on Thursday. Here we are going under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge…

Passing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on our way to Nova Scotia

Passing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on our way to Nova Scotia


Yesterday we were in Portland, Maine. What a nice little city it is.


Panorama of Portland taken from the ship



Good food, too. I was tempted to try the python


Sarah at the Old Port Inn

The gals shopped. Don and I spent the day in a bar.

Today we’re in Bar Harbor.



Bar Harbor. Or as they say it here, Bah Habah.

Bar Harbor. Or as they say it here, Bah Habah.


That's our ship out there

That’s our ship out there

IMG_6131 IMG_6132


Don and I went in here and had a couple beers

Tomorrow we head for St. John in New Brunswick, Canada.


Back in 1998 Ernie and Doris took a cruise…

Ernie 98-06-01

Ernie 98-06-02 Ernie 98-06-03Ernie 98-06-04Naturally the strip above had a slightly different dialog in the papers.Ernie 98-06-05 Ernie 98-06-06 Ernie 98-06-08 Ernie 98-06-09 Ernie 98-06-10 Ernie 98-06-11 Ernie 98-06-12 Ernie 98-06-13

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Saved by the Duck!

Whew! No kidding. Last Monday the Frau and I were heading to Rehoboth Bay, Delaware to do one of my very favorite things. DIGGING CLAMS! I am probably the world’s best clam digger. I’ve dug clams ever since I was a kid. All over the East Coast. Maine to Florida! But wouldn’t you know it, halfway between Federalsburg, Maryland and Bridgeville, Delaware Frau Grace’s Sebring blew up! Well it didn’t quite blow up. It overheated. After about an half an hour, after scores of cars and trucks and tractors and those big things they use to pick corn drove by, somebody finally stopped. I think it was Frau Grace’s legs that did the trick. You can’t imagine how kind and helpful Mr. Troy Hill was to us. He drive us to three garages trying to find a mechanic to work on the car, he took us to a towing company, and he even drove us to Seaford, Delaware so we could rent a car. The garage we finally found was overbooked, but he was so well known and liked by them they worked us in. By the way the garage was East Coast Collision and Restorations in Bridgeville. If you are ever there and need your car worked on, that’s the place to go. It turns out that Troy Hill is the general manager of MTS Broadcasting. They have 106.3 FM The Heat, 100.9 FM Waai Country, Radio 1240 AM and, of course 107.1 The Duck. What a great guy!

Oh, by the way, Frau’s car had a bad radiator cap.

Saturday we took a short cruise on the Choptank River on a paddle wheel boat (if that’s what you call it) The Suicide Bridge restaurant has two of them. It’s called suicide Bridge because a couple people have jumped off and drowned. It’s only about 12 feet above the water. And the water isn’t very deep. You wonder how they managed. The last suicide was in 1930. They better get up to speed. They could have a contest or something. Here’s a little movie…

Hey. Pay Attention. Next week the Frau is dragging U-No-Hoo on a cruise from Baltimore all the way up to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It may be hard for me to update my blog. I’ll try. If I don’t get it done, I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.

Buddy Valentine stopped by. Hold Yer ears, folks…

Roscoe asked if I would put up the story where Effie is selling stomach pumps. It’s from 2005. There were three strips where I had to change the dialog. Things like “Suk-O-Matic” and changing “push-up bra” to “French maid outfit”. Here are the original unedited strips:Ernie 05-06-13 Ernie 05-06-14 Ernie 05-06-15 Ernie 05-06-16 Ernie 05-06-17 Ernie 05-06-18 Ernie 05-06-20 Ernie 05-06-21o Ernie 05-06-22 Ernie 05-06-23 Ernie 05-06-24 Ernie 05-06-25o





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Arnold Learns How to Dance

That’s at the end. First, check this out…IMG_5945The guy just up the road does stuff like this all the time. My understanding is that he once was a prop man for a major movie studio. The people aren’t real, they’re dummies.

IMG_5947 IMG_5948One Christmas he had Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer and a jet plane. No kidding. It looked like the plane had run into Santa and landed. I have a photo someplace. If I can find it’ I’ll post it.

Yesterday Frau Grace and I took a little drive down to Tilghman Island about 15 miles down the road. Here’s the bottom of the Island on the Chesapeake.

IMG_5954Tilghman is an old waterman’s community. Watermen are what they call people who fish and crab and harvest oysters for a living. In the past they also trapped eels and dredged for razor clams. Not so much anymore.

About two miles this side of Tilghman is Lowe’s Wharf, a popular spot for locals and boaters from the western shore of the bay. Where I am is on the Eastern shore. It was packed.IMG_5955 IMG_5958 IMG_5962Enough of that. I worked on my boat lift all last week. Finally got it fixed and tried to take the tub out yesterday but it overheated. Today I have to yank out the waster pump. I hate it. This is about the 4th time I’ve had to repair it.

But back in 2001 Arnold learned to dance. Here’s hwo it happened. There are three instances where I had to redraw the strips. They were too sexy for the newspapers. The first few strips reference a popular quiz show at the time called “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” The question in the first strip was an actual question asked on the program. The possible answers were Camels, Llamas, elephants and something else really stupid. The contestant went through two “lifelines” as I remember. He asked that one possible answer be eliminated and he did something else. His final answer was “Llamas”.

Ernie 01-02-27 Ernie 01-02-28 Ernie 01-03-01 Original: Ernie 01-03-02opublished: Ernie 01-03-02p   Original:Ernie 01-03-03Published:

Ernie 01-03-03pOriginal:Ernie 01-03-05o Published:

Ernie 01-03-05p Ernie 01-03-06 Ernie 01-03-07 Ernie 01-03-08 Ernie 01-03-09 Ernie 01-03-10

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Look at this crab…

DSCN0012That’s a twelve inch ruler there. Around the Chesapeake Bay we have the best blue crabs in the world. I caught this guy off my dock. Here’s my dock and crummy boat. It broke down again.


The way they cook crabs here is they drop them live into boiling water or steam them. Many years ago a friend of mine down in Tallahassee showed me a more civilized way to cook and eat crabs. First you put them in ice to numb them, then you clean them, and then you cook them. The way they eat crabs around here is you have to clean them after they’re cooked. You do it as you sit and eat them, and it’s very messy. Here they are cleaned and ready to cook.


Blue crabs are the best tasting seafood there is. Even better than lobster. I know that many people would disagree. The only problem is they are difficult to eat. But that’s good because you can sit there for a couple hours with your friends picking and eating crabs.


Back in 2010 Sid got Arnold yet another job…

Ernie 10-03-08Ernie 10-03-10

Ernie 10-03-11 Ernie 10-03-12 Ernie 10-03-13 Ernie 10-03-15 Ernie 10-03-16 Ernie 10-03-17 Ernie 10-03-18 Ernie 10-03-19 Ernie 10-03-20 Ernie 10-03-22 Ernie 10-03-23 Ernie 10-03-24 Ernie 10-03-25 Ernie 10-03-26 Ernie 10-03-27

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My Favorite Restaurant

Every evening my cousin, Al, goes to the same restaurant in Cortez Florida and eats a dozen clams on the half shell. Every single day of the year! Raw clams are good, but that’s a little too much. Last week Dag and I dug clams in Rehoboth Bay. I made some tasty spaghetti and clam sauce. Mighty fine. But I don’t do it every day. Here’s a little video I took in the men’s room in Al’s favorite restaurant.

I was trying to get my crummy boat started yesterday and I got hit by a wasp. My left arm looks like an overstuffed kielbasa. I think I ave to buy two new batteries. Meanwhile, here’s another short video of my hummingbird.

2008 Ernie loses his job (yet again). Don’t worry he soon lands another with Mr. Shultz, the butcher.

Ernie 08-03-10 Ernie 08-03-11 Ernie 08-03-12 Ernie 08-03-13 Ernie 08-03-14 Ernie 08-03-15 Ernie 08-03-17 Ernie 08-03-18 Ernie 08-03-19 Ernie 08-03-20 Ernie 08-03-21 Ernie 08-03-22


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The House Guest from Hell

Actually he’s not quite that bad. We had a terrific time. I’m talking about my old pal, Dag. Dag’s from Norway. Norway is where 25 years ago I ate half a sheep’s head. Mighty tasty. Right. Check out the dark, curly hair. After this meal it turned grey and went straight.Smalle hove

I picked Dag up at the Newark Airport just outside of New York and we went to lunch. Where you might ask? Bayonne New Jersey.


Then we drove down to Atlantic City.

IMG_5829We stayed at Caesar’s Palace.

IMG_5826Don’t go to Atlantic City. It’s a big rip off. An eight ounce drink of water at the hotel costs $2.25. See that little bottle on the stand?

IMG_5842After that we drove down to Cape May. Cape May is very civilized. It’s an old resort town at north side of the mouth of Delaware Bay. It’s noted for it’s Victorian houses, most of which are inns.

IMG_5853Dag beat me miserably at skee ball. I suck at skee ball. Always have. After you play all the arcade games you exchange the tickets you won for prizes. We gave our tickets to a little girl.IMG_5859Here’s the Cape May Lighthouse.

IMG_5867We took the Cape May-Lewes  Ferry to Delaware and drove home to my place on the Chesapeake. The next day we drove back to Rehoboth Bay and dug some clams. Here’s Dag on the Boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach.IMG_5901Enough of that. By the way, if you live in Sweden or Finland, the Summer issue of the Ernie Comic is out.

Ernie Comic cover

Last year a reader emailed me and said he’d like to see Earl (Ernst in Scandinavia) have a story. I thought it was a good idea, so I drew a little story about how Sid found Earl. It appeared in May. If there’s some character you’d like to see again, just let me know. Back in 1996 some head hunters came looking for Earl. Here’s that story. Unfortunately I seem to have lost two of the strips. There should be 18 and there are only 16. Sorry.

Ernie 96-11-11 Ernie 96-11-12 Ernie 96-11-13 Ernie 96-11-14 Ernie 96-11-15 Ernie 96-11-16 Ernie 96-11-18 Ernie 96-11-19 Ernie 96-11-20 Ernie 96-11-21 Ernie 96-11-22 Ernie 96-11-23  Ernie 96-11-26 Ernie 96-11-27 Ernie 96-11-28  Ernie 96-11-30

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No Time This Week

Loinfruit and I have been working on my deck all day and I have to get up early tomorrow, Sunday to drive to Newark Airport in New Jersey to pick up the Editor. Maybe if your’re in Norway you remember the Editor. Pyton Magazine? Ring a bell? Yes, he’s just as nutz now as he was back then. So this week all I have for you is this story from 1993. Who’s Ernie 93-03-15 Ernie 93-03-16 Ernie 93-03-17 Ernie 93-03-18 Ernie 93-03-19 Ernie 93-03-20 Ernie 93-03-22 Ernie 93-03-23


June Cleaver was a very wholesome mother from a 1950s tv program, “Leave it to Beaver” She and her husband, Ward Cleaver had two sons, Wally about 13 years old, and Theodore about 8, who was called the Beaver. One time June was told Ward “Ward, you were very hard on the Beaver last night.” If you don’t understand what’s so funny about it, email me, and I’ll send you the answer in a brown paper envelope.Ernie 93-03-24 Ernie 93-03-25 Ernie 93-03-26 Ernie 93-03-27the bigger rat? Sid or Enos?

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