Heeee’s Back!

Yes, I’m back. And spring is out in all it’s beauty. Except last Tuesday when it snowed again. Ah, Spring!  It always reminds me of my first wife. We were young and so in love! Did I ever show you a picture of Frau Grace #1? No? Here’s a picture of her just before we got married.

I was only able to draw three days last week. I was working over at the shack on the bay, and the Wednesday was my volunteer day at the nursing home. (Yes, believe it or not, I volunteer at a nursing home one day a month, and I’ve been doing it for the past 12 years.)

Joel from Baltimore asked me to post this Sunday from November of 2009. Here it is:


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It’s Sunday Morning…

…And it’s spring and here I am at my shack on the Chesapeake. It’s just outside St. Michaels, Maryland. Here are some pictures of my hyacinths and daffodils.

photo 2The house was built in the 1890′s.

photo 1That’s my damn boat that never runs back there. Not quite true. I’ve had the Piraya for 13 years, and it ran for about the first two. I’ve put two rebuilt engines in the damn thing. The last one I put in three years ago. I finally got it to run last October. Today I’m going to try to start it up. Who knows. I have to rebuild the boatlift this summer.  By the way, here’s what I have to deal with. Thos two huge pots contain some of Frau Graces aloe plants. The things are a menace. She keeps them in until well into the spring. See my drawing table there? There’s hardly room for me to work. She’s awful about her house plants. About ten years ago she had a grapefruit tree that I had to haul in and out of the house every winter. I strained my back had sciatica for eleven months. Couldn’t walk. She drives me nuts.

photo 4Here’s the end of the story I posted last week.

Ernie 95-02-06Ernie 95-02-07Ernie 95-02-08pErnie 95-02-09Ernie 95-02-10Ernie 95-02-11

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Ah, Spring

And it’s about damn time. The Daffodils and crocuses and forsythias are blooming. Next weekend we’re going over to our shack on the Chesapeake. Did I ever post a photo? These were last spring. I’ll take some new picts next week when I’m there. I have to start rebuilding my boat lift. Last year some bozo wanted 11 thousand bucks. Give me a break! I can do it myself for under a thousand! (Famous last words) You can see my piece of poop boat in the picture. The main part of the house was built in 1896.IMG_2462IMG_2461

Back in the winter of 1995, Barnacle Bill the Parrot got a job. Here’s week one of a two week story:

Ernie 95-01-30Ernie 95-01-31Ernie 95-02-01pErnie 95-02-02Ernie 95-02-03Ernie 95-02-04

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Is Winter Finally Over?

We got another four inches of snow last Tuesday. I spent the month of January in Florida to get away from it. I figured I could make it through February and March. Am I ever dumb!

What did I draw last week? Snakes! Reverend Bod takes a job in a rural southern church. Remember the snake preacher a couple weeks ago? Right. He bought the farm. Here’s a little peek:Snakes-7Back in 2011 Ernie and Doris went camping. After I drew the story I had to redraw it because of my usual lack of taste. By the way, it was shortly after this that Doris got preggers. Makes you think. Here’s how the story was originally drawn.

Ernie 11-01-10Ernie 11-01-11Ernie 11-01-12oErnie 11-01-13oErnie 11-01-13pErnie 11-01-15oOK, I had to change some and replace a couple. Here’s what was published…

Ernie 11-01-10Ernie 11-01-11Ernie 11-01-12pErnie 11-01-14oErnie 11-01-14pErnie 11-01-15p

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Hello, Folks

Worked hard all week. The Frau and I went out on Friday, closed one joint down then went in for the duration at a sports bar next door. It’s at Lake Anne in Reston VA. I used to have a studio right upstairs from the bar.  Frau Grace was in rare spirits that night. She threw her bra at me when I was singing. She gets like that after a few.Here we are with some of our friends laughing it up.IMG_3740Next day we took a drive out to Leesburg VA. Nice old downtown lots of little restaurants and quaint shops. Here’s the Courthouse…IMG_3758This old cabin is from 1760…

IMG_3748Typical gift shop…IMG_3747This is the shop where Frau Grace knocked over the stack of China. She was still enjoying the night before.

IMG_3745Just for something different, here’s a Sunday strip from 1989:

Ernie 89-05-14

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O Boy!

Did I have fun drawing last week. Stay tuned for Grandpa Fernwilter’s 50th Reunion. Shorty looks pretty good, dontcha think?

TrophyHere’s the final installment of Sid’s trip to hell…

Ernie 00-11-13Ernie 00-11-14Ernie 00-11-15Ernie 00-11-16Ernie 00-11-17Ernie 00-11-18

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What do Goethe, Berlioz, Gounod and Boito and Buddy have in common?

I’ll tell you what. We all five created great works based on the story of Faust. Below you’ll find week two of my monumental creation. What did I do last week. I had to go to my eye doctor a couple times. I’m able to see again! Hallelujah! I also finished one daily story and began another. High School prom is coming up, and Quacko and Bill get involved with some questionable poultry…


Now back to Sid’s soul…

Ernie 00-11-06Ernie 00-11-07Ernie 00-11-08Ernie 00-11-09Ernie 00-11-10Ernie 00-11-11Next week the thrilling conclusion!!!

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What a Wonderful Surprise!

Yesterday I received a special gift in the mail. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. It was sent by Germund Von Wowern, the long time editor of the Swedish Ernie Christmas Album for Egmont. If you don’t know Egmont, It’s one of the largest publishers in the world, and they do tons of cartoon books and Children’s books. They publish the Swedish Ernie magazine. Well, if also you don’t know the work of Lars Mortimer, he is the creator of Sweden’s best loved and most popular newspaper comic strip, Hälge. Hälge just happens to be a moose, and if you’ve read my comics for a long time, you know that I’m fascinated by mosses. Lars painted this picture of Hälge and Earl, my piranha. It’s terrific. Great thanks goes to both Lars and Germund.Hälge and EarlBack in 2000 Sid sold his soul to the devil. HOLY FAUST! Here’s week one…

Ernie 00-10-30Ernie 00-10-31Ernie 00-11-01Ernie 00-11-02Ernie 00-11-03Ernie 00-11-04

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One last word about Florida

When I was a kid living in Gulf Park (That’s the trailer park. Now they call it Sandpiper Resort. Sounds classier.) When I was a kid living in Gulf Park, there was a family living one street over. They were from upstate New York. Now I tought we had it rough, My mother and father and my sister and I lived for a while in a 25 foot Alma, but then we moved up to a 32 foot used trailer. (A few weeks ago I posted a photo of it as it is now) The Safford family lived in a 38 foot trailer. But there were eight of them. It always intrigued me how a family of eight could live in that small space. Russell was my age. He was the fourth oldest. He told me that they ate in shifts. They slept on top of each other. How they managed, God knows.

I had been so looking forward to seeing him for so many years. He had retired and moved with his wife, Boots, to Tallevast, right near Bradenton. We got together, along with my sister and, to out delight, Russell’s older brother, Bob and his wife, Myrna. Bob is my sister’s age. He was the good looking one. Russell was the smart one. He enlisted as a seaman out of high school. At the end of his Navy career 22 years later. He was Lieutenant Commander Safford, the chief electrical engineer on the USS Eisenhower. Wow. Somebody out of that trailer park sure did good.

Here’s Russell in fifth grade. He kind of looks like Spencer, doesn’t he?


That’s Russell, Me, My Sis Roberta, and Bob.


And Russell and I.

IMG_3268Check this out. Joe Bill Loudermilk sent me a sunset picture from Sarasota. That’s not downtown Sarasota in the picture. It’s across the bay. We get the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine down there.

Back in 1998 Arnold had a hard time getting dates. Sid helped him out.

Ernie 98-02-16Ernie 98-02-17Ernie 98-02-19Ernie 98-02-20Ernie 98-02-21Ernie 98-02-22


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Also while in Florida..

A slew of Scandinavians descended on us. Kind of like the Golden Horde pillaging Bulgaria. A lovely time was had by one and all despite the proximity of the polar vortex. They claimed they were there because it was somebody’s birthday. It sure wasn’t mine. I don’t have birthdays.

We took a day trip to St. Petersburg to the Dali Museum. Next to me and Frau Grace is Peter, Lars, Berith, Elisabeth, Gro and Dag. This was at a Mexican joint in St. Pete.


On the right is my cousin Greg. He’s the Balloon Guy.

IMG_3939IMG_3441Here they are embarrassing me.


there was also a trip to the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota. I remember this painting from when I was a kid, the last time I was there. It’s Apollo flaying a satyr. What kid wouldn’t remember this?

IMG_3481We also also went to some karaoke joints. Here’s a video. This was at the Drift Inn. The bar has been in Bradenton Beach since before the 1950′s when I lived there. I had an uncle who used to hang out there. The booze was cheap. It still is. Here’s the Karaoke Kid rocking out.

Here’s the second week of Arnoldine’s new job as a Milk Maid.

Ernie 10-11-01Ernie 10-11-02Ernie 10-11-03Ernie 10-11-04Ernie 10-11-05Ernie 10-11-06

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