What’s little, black and goes “Baaaa”?

Yes, you’re right. It’s a day old baby lamb. My neighbors daughter and son-and-law have a farm in Pennsylvania. They brought over this little black sheep. One day old. Check the video.


Remember when Arnold was Crown Prince Arnold of East Blonosia? This is from 2002. In the published version I had to erase Lady Nadine Ysup Von Biggers’ saggy boobs.Ernie 02-07-22 Ernie 02-07-23 Ernie 02-07-24 Ernie 02-07-25 Ernie 02-07-26 Ernie 02-07-27 Ernie 02-07-29o Ernie 02-07-30 Ernie 02-07-31 Ernie 02-08-01 o Ernie 02-08-02 o Ernie 02-08-03 o

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Back Home Again.

We made an offer on a house in Bradenton. We’ll see how it turns out. Meanwhile, the is the Beach House Cafe in Bradenton Beach.  It’s a wonderful restaurant and Tiki Bar right on the beach. IMG_7234IMG_7235When I was a teenager there was a bar and restaurant there called Trader Jack’s. Before it was washed away in a hurricane, it was one of the spots where my Aunt Mae and Fat Fran (The Cherry Sisters) used to do their act. At night the cook used to bar-b-que chicken on a concrete deck on the beach at the back of the bar. One night I and my gang of juvenile delinquents, led by my evil sister, Roberta, set up our lookouts and a raiding party. We timed it perfectly. The cook would come out every three minutes to check his chickens. Man, they were gone like clockwork.We huddled down in the rock jetties eating chicken and laughing. I’ll never forget the look on the face of that co0ok when he came out and found all his chickens gone. We should have been tossed in the slammer.

Along the Manatee River in downtown Bradenton is the River Walk. It wasn’t there when I was a kid. It’s really very nice for a stroll or a bike ride. There is an amphitheater and a stage for concerts, and playgrounds and fountains for the kids to play in.IMG_7240IMG_7244Hey, Skateboarding isn’t a crime!


Here’s a story from February and March in 2000. Sid and Effie living together without the benefit of clergy. How shocking!

Ernie 00-02-28 Ernie 00-02-29 Ernie 00-03-01 Ernie 00-03-02 Ernie 00-03-03 Ernie 00-03-04 Ernie 00-03-06 Ernie 00-03-07 Ernie 00-03-08 Ernie 00-03-09 Ernie 00-03-10

Ernie 00-03-11

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Sunny Forida

That’s where I am, in Bradenton, my old home town. Actually I grew up in Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island in the Gulf Park Trailer Park. Frau Grace and I are looking to buy a house or a condo or something. Here’s one of the things I love about Florida:IMG_7179It’s a beautiful 1969 I think) Pontiac. It has a bumper sticker that says “Nixon for President” Hey just wait till the Cubans start selling their old cars to collectors. Why can’t they make good looking cars anymore? Like Ernie’s 1957 DeSoto. The most beautiful car ever made was the 1963 DeSoto, inside and out. The late fifties marked the epitome of car design.

Whenever I get down here I have to have a grouper sandwich. There are lots of good places, but lately I’ve been stopping at the Tide Tables in Cortez at the bridge to the island. If you’re ever down here and you like fish, try it. Nice atmosphere, too, right on the bay.IMG_7220 IMG_7219OK, Here are some Sundays from 2005:

Ernie-05-03-06-Color Ernie-05-03-27-Color Ernie-05-05-22-Col Ernie-05-06-26-Color Ernie-05-08-14-Color Ernie-05-09-04-Color

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Happy April

And am I glad it’s Spring! Loinfruit texted me yesterday. He said his girlfriend was pregnant. Well I was a little put back, to say the least. Then, finally, Frau Grace reminded me that it was April Fool’s Day. I texted Loinfruit back and told him that his mother was in the hospital with a heart attack. He nearly loaded his Huggies. Don’t mess with yer old man.

Another thing about April first here on the Chesapeake Bay, at least in the State of Maryland, is the the oyster season is over. So I ran down to the seafood joint and bought the frau four pints.  I sift them with cornmeal and deep fry them only as few at a time four just under a minute. Mighty tasty! Once Frau Grace ate 7 dozen on the half shell at one sitting. Whew!



We’re heading down to my old home town, Bradenton Florida, this Wednesday. We’re looking for a place to buy. Stay tuned.

Here are two weeks of stand alone gags from Spring of 2003…

Ernie 03-03-31 Ernie 03-04-01 Ernie 03-04-02 Ernie 03-04-03 Ernie 03-04-04 Ernie 03-04-05 Ernie 03-04-21 Ernie 03-04-22 Ernie 03-04-23 Ernie 03-04-24 Ernie 03-04-25 Ernie 03-04-26


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I hope you all had a good one. Lots of colored eggs and chocolate bunnies and stuff like that. When I was a little kid Easter was a pretty big deal. The Easter egg hunt was the top. but my sister, 4 years older would run in front of me an grab all the eggs. What a bitch. Today I was the only one who ate the peeps. Terrific.IMG_7142

Not much to report. I drew a story about Zerblat last week. This panel will have to be reworked for the papers…5Here are a bunch of Sundays from 2007…Ernie-07-07-01-Color Ernie-07-08-26-Color Ernie-07-10-28-Color Ernie-07-11-25-ColorErnie-07-08-12-Color

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It’s Working Again

If you checked yesterday (Sunday) you know that I was having some problems updating my blog. I got it fixed. It was one of the plugins in my WordPress plugins folder.

I’ve mentioned it before. I love fruitcake. Frau Grace made another one the other day.


Here’s the fruit



This is what it looks like when it comes out of the oven

Frau Grace and I spent the weekend in Dewey Beach Delaware with friends. One of our friends has a son who owns one of those big vacation beach houses. We had a great time. Plenty to eat…IMG_7139And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The weather was terrible. After all it was still winter. Look at these vacation houses right on the beach. I predict they won’t be there past the next hurricane.

IMG_7136Some guy was running his pit bulls. One came up and sniffed my leg. Whew!IMG_7138Back in 2005 I drew a Sunday strip that my assistant (Frau Grace) refused to color. She found it too offensive. Last week I finally talked her into it. The publication date is May 22. Here’s a panel:Ernie-16-05-22-ColorEnough of that. Here’s a story from 2012:

Ernie 12-04-16Ernie 12-04-17 Ernie 12-04-18 Ernie 12-04-19 Ernie 12-04-20 Ernie 12-04-21p Ernie 12-04-23 Ernie 12-04-24 Ernie 12-04-25 Ernie 12-04-26 Ernie 12-04-27 Ernie 12-04-28 Ernie 12-04-30 Ernie 12-05-01 Ernie 12-05-02 Ernie 12-05-03 Ernie 12-05-04 Ernie 12-05-05

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Yes Spring Is Springing

I love spring. Maybe it’s because I hate the winter. I grew up on an Island in Florida, you know. I might just move down there. Except it’s so darn hot in the summer. I hate that too. But getting back to spring, look. My daffodils are blooming:




I am such a pathetic tree hugger, when an onion starts to bloom I feel sorry for it. I take them out and plant them.

And I want to thank all of you who wished me well with my cataract surgery. I truly appreciate it. Everything worked out fine

A lady named Susan told me that she had an old Sunday on her fridge. So here it is with several more from 2010.

Ernie-10-03-14-ColorErnie-10-04-25-Color Ernie-10-07-11-Color Ernie-10-10-10-Color


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Goodbye and good riddance!


I think I finally figured out why I can’t sleep at night:

IMG_7065Tore lives in Norway, and he emailed me two weeks ago and asked for the story about when Enos was in medical school at the University of Tortola. I searched my archives and couldn’t find it. Fortunately I was able to retrieve it from the syndicate. Thanks, Tore.

The reason Enos went to Tortola for his medical training is two-fold. First, he was too stupid to get into anyplace else, and second it’s because that’s where Frau Grace and I went on our honeymoon 38 years ago. Whew! Talk about a honeymoon from hell, been there done that. From the little kids throwing rocks at us, almost falling off the side of the mountain in our little car, to Bomba the Island maniac ransacking our vehicle… He was about six and a half feet tall. He had yellow eyes that pointed in different directions. I was in the middle of the jungle wearing my cute tourist shorts and shirt made out of flour sacks. He said he was looking for guns and drugs. Scared the poop out of me. When we got back to the crummy hotel, the British innkeeper said to her husband “Charles, is Bomba out of prison again?” “I’ll see, Deborah… Hello? This is Charles down at the beach house. Is Bomba out of prison again? He is? Thank you.” No kidding. Then they swiped my car keys.

Getting back to the young Enos Pork in medical school from 1996, here it is:

Ernie 96-01-15 Ernie 96-01-16 Ernie 96-01-17 Ernie 96-01-18 Ernie 96-01-19 Ernie 96-01-20Ernie 96-01-23Ernie 96-01-24

Ernie 96-01-25 Ernie 96-01-26 Ernie 96-01-27


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A Facebook friend…

of mine just posted this:Sandles and Socks

This is what I’m wearing:

IMG_7046Hey, I can see like an EAGLE! My surgeon is Dr. Juliana Park in Fairfax VA. I had my left eye done at the beginning of January and my right eye February 18. My left eye was irritated for a while. IMG_0103

I think it’s because that for that eye I needed a toric lens. I think it’s because when the astigmatism is complicated, you need that special lens.  But my eye is fine now.

Enough of that . Here are a bunch of Sundays from 1999:

Ernie-99-10-31-Color Ernie-99-10-03-Color Ernie-99-09-19-Color Ernie-99-08-01-Color Ernie-99-07-04-Color Ernie-99-05-23-Color Ernie-99-05-16-Color Ernie-99-04-04-Color Ernie-99-03-21-Color

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Ernie-15-04-12-ColorI got my right eye fixed last Thursday. I can see again! It was pretty rough drawing the past few weeks. One eye worked and the other one didn’t. Friday night Frau Grace and I went out and got stinko. I’m going back to my doctor (Juliana Park) on Wednesday for a follow up visit. If you don’t know, that’s in Fairfax Virginia. I live just now on the eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay near Easton Maryland.


Enough of that. Here’s two weeks from this time of year in 1997. And you’re in for a big treat. It’s one of the few appearances of NOSTRILDAMUS!!!

Ernie 97-02-06 Ernie 97-02-07 Ernie 97-02-08 Ernie 97-02-10 Ernie 97-02-11 Ernie 97-02-12 Ernie 97-02-13 Ernie 97-02-14 Ernie 97-02-15 Ernie 97-02-17 Ernie 97-02-18 Ernie 97-02-19 Ernie 97-02-20 Ernie 97-02-21 Ernie 97-02-22

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