It Is NOT My Birthday!

I repeat, it is not my birthday. I stopped having birthdays ten years ago. It works. I haven’t aged a bit since then. But Frau Grace and I went to brunch today with some of our friends. The drinks were lousy and the food was about the same. But being with people you like makes it all so much better. Here are Louise and Steve…IMG_5045

And Don and SusanIMG_5044

Both Louise and Susan sing beautifully. I found Louise on YouTube:


Tuesday morning Frau Grace goes to Texas to visit her sister.  So if you live in Northern Virginia, look out. Lock up you wives and daughters and domestic livestock.

If you haven’t yet, download my 2005 daily strips. The link is in the Buy Stuff page. But it’s free.

Here’s a story from 2004. Ernie is at it again…Ernie 04-02-02 Ernie 04-02-03 Ernie 04-02-04 Ernie 04-02-05 Ernie 04-02-06Ernie 04-02-07 Ernie 04-02-09 Ernie 04-02-10Ernie 04-02-11 Ernie 04-02-12Ernie 04-02-13Ernie 04-02-14

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What’s for Dinner?

The other day Frau Grace sent Loinfruit to the supermarket. This is what he brought home for dinner.DSCN0048
That’s some big squids. He also came home with flying fish eggs.


 If you haven’t downloaded my 2005 daily strips, go to the Buy Stuff link. It’s free.


If you’re interested, here’s a little follow up on my 1947 Howdy Doody campaign button. It comes from Keith B. Thanks Keith.

I saw your Howdy Doody button.  If it is what I think it is,
I believe there is an interesting story that goes with it
(if my memory serves me correctly).

During the 1948 presidential election, Buffalo Bob
thought he would run a gag on the program “Howdy
Doody for President”.  He said on television to send in
for a “Howdy Doody for President” button.  Much to
their surprise they were inundated for requests for
the button.  Buffalo Bob didn’t know what to do.
He didn’t expect a response and furthermore, they
didn’t have the money to make the buttons.  He was
in a panic mode- what to do?  Sarnoff’s son saw him
and asked what the problem was and Bob told him
about the request for buttons.  Immediately Sarnoff’s
son showed great interest and wanted to see the requests.
Buffalo Bob showed him the cards asking for the buttons.
Sarnoff’s son told him that he would take care of the
matter.  This was of great importance to him.

Back in 1948, nobody thought television could ever
replace radio.  The NBC network for television was
about a dozen stations on the east coast.  No one
knew how many people were watching television:
no one, one person, ten people, 1000 people etc.?
But those post cards requesting those buttons
showed him that there were many people watching
television even as crude as it was back then.
That button issue, as I understand it, caused the
industry to move forward on their development
of television after they found out they had a large

I emailed back to Keith:

I asked Buffalo Bob why they changed Howdy from a clown to a freckle faced boy, and he said the new Howdy was more appealing. That’s true, but I think it’s also true that somebody else owned the original puppet and they didn’t want to pay royalties. You know, of course, that the original Clarabell was Bob Keeshan.

To which he replied:

I understood the reason they switched puppets was because they didn’t own the puppet.
Yes, I knew that the original Clarabell was Bob Keeshan.  As I understood it,
originally Bob Keeshan was a stagehand just wearing a T-shirt for his shirt.
Someone decided that he should be dressed in a clown outfit. After that he
wore a clown outfit, but he did not have a clown face.  Apparently Emmett Kelly
(that name really dates us if you know who he was) was a guest on the show.
They told Emmett Kelly that Bob Keeshan was their clown. Apparently he put the
Clarabell face on Bob Keeshan which is how Clarabell acquired his appearance.
After he was made up as a clown, the Clarabell character developed.  Again this
is from memory which may not be totally correct.

220px-Buffalo_Bob_Smith_and_Howdy_DoodyBuffalo Bob was And just in case you didn’t know, Bob Keeshan later became Captain Kangaroo. My family was among the first 50 families in the Philadelphia area to own a television. It was an RCA, about 45 inches high and 32 inches wide. My sister in New Orleans still has it. It had a record player that played both 10 and 12 inch 78’s, and a radio that played all available frequencies that were broadcast at that time. I think it even had short wave. My favorite TV shows were  The adventures of Lucky Pup, featuring Pinhead and Foodini,

175px-Pinhead_and_Foodini_1949Kukla Fran and Ollie, and Milton Berle. Ed Wynn also had a wonderful show. One day my father came up to my room and said “Buddy, there’s a show on tv you ought to see. I went down and it was episode two of the Lone Ranger. I didn’t get to see episode one until I found it a couple years ago on Youtube. In our correspondence Keith also mentioned Tonto:

There were other kid’s shows from the 50s that have interesting facts
associated with them.  For example, did you know that Tonto’s real
name was Harold J. Smith and he spoke English very well?

Tonto’s stage name was Jay Silverheels. The Lone Ranger was Clayton Moore. 330px-Lone_Ranger_and_Tonto_1956And finally, I told Keith about a wonderful little incident in my life from about 30 years ago:

30 years ago I was at the Salmagundi Club in New York. I went down to the little bar in the basement to get my self a drink and noticed a little old man over in a dark corner eating lettuce out of a bag. As he was leaving he stopped and said hello, and he asked what I was doing there. ( Salmagundi is an artists’ club) I told him I was a cartoonist at a meeting. He thought I meant animated cartoons, so I jumped in and started lamenting the loss of good animation. I mentioned three cartoons that I thought were so very good in the old days. One was Walter Lance’s first Woody Woodpecker cartoons, I forget which was the second, but the third I praised was Beanie and Cecil. A wonderful smile came over his face. I was talking to Bill Baird, the puppeteer who invented Beanie and Cecil. It was a wonderful moment.

I’ve been scanning in my old single panel cartoons from way way back. Here are a few I scanned today:

A-01 A-02 A-07 A-56 A-59 A-88 b

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Je Suis Charlie

All of us who embrace our unalienable right to free speech stand in solidarity in repudiating those who would try to silence us. We stand by the people of France in their resolve in light of the heinous attack on Charlie Hebdo, and we salute their determination and courage. Vive Charlie!

Below are three two week stories. The first two appeared in 2007. I submitted the third story, but was told by my editor that we couldn’t publish it. The Toronto Star had dropped my strip due to complaints from the Muslim community. I did not mean to offend the Muslim community. I was trying to ridicule Osama Bin Laden. Here are the three stories in the order in which they would have appeared.

Ernie 07-02-05pErnie 07-02-06Ernie 07-02-07Ernie 07-02-08Ernie 07-02-09Ernie 07-02-10Ernie 07-02-14Ernie 07-02-15Ernie 07-02-12pErnie 07-02-13pErnie 07-02-16pErnie 07-02-17This second story is the one that broke the camel’s back:

Ernie 07-04-23Ernie 07-04-24Ernie 07-04-25Ernie 07-04-26Ernie 07-04-27Ernie 07-04-28 pErnie 07-04-30Ernie 07-05-01 Ernie 07-05-02 Ernie 07-05-03 Ernie 07-05-04 Ernie 07-05-05      This last story was never published. The two additional characters in this story are based on personal friends of mine, names changed to protect the innocent, of course. Agent Dumblavey recently retired from a long career in intelligence.

Ernie 07-10-01Ernie 07-10-02 Ernie 07-10-03 Ernie 07-10-04 Ernie 07-10-05 Ernie 07-10-06 Ernie 07-10-08 Ernie 07-10-09 Ernie 07-10-10 Ernie 07-10-11 Ernie 07-10-12 Ernie 07-10-13

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No, I’m not hung over

We stayed home New Years Eve. Now when I was young I was out drinking till two or three in the morning. And that wasn’t just on New Years Eve, it was every night of the week. But I still have the body of a 30 year old. A 30 year old schnauzer with fleas.

Before I go any further let me remind you to download my daily comics from 2005. It’s on my buy stuff page, but this one is free.

Frau Grace closed out our safety deposit box at the bank list week. We got a new one in Easton Maryland near where we have our house on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. We’ll be moving there permanently in the spring. I already am a legal resident there and have been for years. But what I wanted to show was two things from my childhood. The first is my father’s gold watch. That’s what the oil refinery gave him after he was so badly injured.They also gave us fifty dollars a month to live on. Ain’t that nice. When my father died a few years later they stopped giving us the money, and my mother had to go to work as a cleaning lady to put food on the table. This is true. I’m still very bitter. Anyway, here’s his gold watch:IMG_4943

The other thing is a 1947 Howdy Doody for President campaign button. My old man bought a tv in 1947 because he wanted to watch the World Series. WE didn’t have a lot of money, but my old man was like that. The tv cost almost as much as our house. $1100. Which turned out to be our annual income two years later. In 1947 Howdy was a clown. The next year they turned him into the freckle face kid that people remember. I met Buffalo Bob many years later, and I showed him my button. He was very impressed and he told me confidentially that it was worth a lot of money. I don’t know. But here it is, and I’m sure you will never see another one:IMG_4942

Mike from Massachusetts emailed me and asked if I remembered a Sunday about waiters trying to sell Ernie stomach pumps from way back when. Well, Mike here it is along with another stomach pump Sunday and four others ta boot. They’re from 1988. Sorry, I don’t have the color files.Ernie 88-07-17 copyErnie 88-09-04 copyErnie 88-07-10Ernie 88-04-10 copyErnie 88-04-24 copyErnie 88-06-12 copy

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Happy New Year!

Yeah, 2014 is a done deal. Let’s hope for a 2015 with no hatred and no war and brotherly love throughout the world. (Right. Like that’s going to happen.) I hope you had a wonderful christmas. Mine was pretty typical. Frau Grace gave me:IMG_5009Underpants andIMG_4984a dead fish.

If you haven’t  download my daily comic sterips from 2005. click on my “Buy Stuff” link above.  Buty don’t worry about the title. The download is free.


It’s time for New Years resolutions. Every year I make a New Years resolution. Most people start out with good intentions and then after a month or two they give up. I’m not like that at all. I never even start. But here are a bunch starting with 1991. The last several were from 2007.

Ernie 91-01-02 Ernie 03-01-01 Ernie 01-01-01Ernie 98-01-02Ernie 07-01-04 Ernie 07-01-02 Ernie 07-01-03 Ernie 07-01-05Ernie 07-01-06 Ernie 04-01-02Ernie 99-01-01

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You bet, Merry Christmas! And if you haven’t downloaded my Christmas gift, which happens to be my complete 2005 daily strips in pdf format, here it is again:

Download 2005

I finally went Christmas shopping yesterday. I love this:

IMG_4947When I was young we had a huge family with all my aunts and their families. I had to buy presents for 25 or 30 people. And I hate to shop. Now it’s much easier. Just Frau Grace and my son, Loinfruit. I bought the little woman some underpants and a set of wrenches. I got the kid some clothes. Here’s Loinfruit from 26 years ago. He was a Christmas elf:

Allen elfYou can probably tell that I love the whole idea of Christmas. What really fascinates me is Santa Claus and his personal life. I can’t get over how he does it year after year after year. Here are two Christmas stories. The first is from 2002 and the second from 2004.

Ernie 02-12-16 Ernie 02-12-17 Ernie 02-12-18 Ernie 02-12-19 Ernie 02-12-20 Ernie 02-12-21 Ernie 02-12-23Ernie 02-12-24Ernie 02-12-25Ernie 04-12-13 Ernie 04-12-14 Ernie 04-12-15 Ernie 04-12-16 Ernie 04-12-17 Ernie 04-12-18 Ernie 04-12-20 Ernie 04-12-21 Ernie 04-12-22 Ernie 04-12-23 Ernie 04-12-24 Ernie 04-12-25And finally, Here’s my Christmas card for this year…

Christmas-1Christmas 2014aChristmas 2014b

Merry, Merry Christmas!


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It’s a DeSoto Marathon.

And the geese are getting fat. Remember to download all the 2005 daily strips. It’s my Christmas present. There are some good stories in there including Ernie being kidnapped by Zerblat to Grelzak, and the first episode of son-in-law tossing, and one of my very favorites, Arnold hiding in Beardo’s oven. Everybody who has emailed me has said the download is very smooth. I just did it on my Macbook Air and it took about 5 seconds. I apologize that it doesn’t have a clickable table of contents. When I get time I’ll add one. Please share the comics as much as you like. And I’d appreciate an email if you like it.

Ernie/Piranha Club 2005 Dailies

Art Ross had some trouble opening the file on his IPad. He sent me some info. If you have trouble, try this:  iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar Tool by ComcSoft

Last week a downloader emailed me and mentioned an old DeSoto Sunday. I looked it up and here it is along with several others from the early 90’s. I recall that there was an old strip that I liked that’s not in this collection. It was when Ernie took his DeSoto in for its emissions inspection. As they were running the motor a bunch of pigeons fell out of the sky. Very funny. At least I thought so. These strips were before computers, so I don’t have color files. When I was in college a friend of mine, Mike Fick, had a 1957 DeSoto. I had a 1958 Plymouth. Half the time either one of them wouldn’t start. We took turns push-starting one another. With an automatic transmission, at least back then, you had to go about 60 mph to make it work. It’s a wonder we’re both still alive. I had another friend years later who had a 1963 DeSoto. That was the most beautiful car ever made. Inside and out. Without a doubt. It was also the last year they made DeSotos. You can still see Groucho on YouTube driving a DeSoto. Groucho knew a great car when he saw one.

Ernie 90-09-30 Ernie 92-03-08 Ernie 93-01-17 Ernie 93-09-26 Ernie 93-11-28 Ernie 94-11-13

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Here’s a Little Present

 Justcloud didn’t tell me there was a limit on downloads. So I changed to my Back Up Genie cloud account. The download button should work now. If you  have problems, email me.

Since you’ve all be good little boys and girls, I have a little Christmas gift for you. I’ve made a pdf file all my daily strips from 2005. Just click the link and you will be taken to a cloud account where you can download the collection. By the way, I used They offer a Gig of storage free of charge. If you’ve been think about cloud computing you might try them out. Click the download button. It may take a while for the download to complete. Then double click the zip file, and you’ve got it. I have the download link on my Buy Stuff page as well. But it’s FREEEEE! If you can take the time I’d appreciate it if you would shoot me an email and tell me what you think. My email link is in the menu bar above.


Last night (Saturday) my friend Art had a birthday. He’s 26. Happy birthday, Art.IMG_4915Buddy Valentine dropped by yesterday. He’s gone country…

Ok, here’s the end of the Water Buffalo story I started last week…

Ernie 93-06-14 Ernie 93-06-15 Ernie 93-06-16 Ernie 93-06-17 Ernie 93-06-18 Ernie 93-06-19

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Click Here for Your Free Christmas Gift

Well, it’s almost ready. I’ve put together a collection of all my daily strips from 2005 in pdf format. You can get it for FREEEEEE! Tune into next week’s blog.

I was sick again all last week and unable to draw. In fact Roberta, Gloria, Me Again and Frau Grace were sick with a nasty cold all week. We’re finally getting over it. That’s one of the worst things about flying, you pick up diseases in the airplane. Frau Grace took them on a tour of Pennsylvania while I stayed home and tried to make up the work I lost from the week before because of my tendonitis. I caught up then, but now I’m behind again.

We went over to our shack on the Chesapeake near St. Michaels, Maryland for Thanksgiving. For people unfamiliar with our American Thanksgiving holiday, what everybody in the country does is go out somewhere and strangle a turkey. This year I got some Amish people to strangle my turkey for me. (Here’s a hint: If you want a turkey that tastes like it did when I was a little kid, before all the hormones and crap they pump into the birds these days, buy an Amish turkey. It was SOOOO good!) (And if you don’t know who the Amish people are, they live in Pennsylvania, the men wear straw hats and beards and suspenders, and the ladies wear long blue dresses, long stockings, white aprons and bonnets to match. They don’t drive cars. They drive horse drawn buggies. They’re good people. And they grow terrific turkeys.) Here’s Gloria and our Amish Turkey. Gloria is the one on the right.IMG_4897We also took a drive through The Black Water Wildlife Refuge just outside of Cambridge, Maryland. We saw lots of birds and one bald eagle. The Eagle was too far away to photograph.IMG_4907Here’s a shot of my neighbor’s Christmas lights. It was taken from my dock. Senator Breaux from Louisiana used to own the house. That’s where his mother-in-law lived. Senator Breaux lived in Washington. He was smarter than you think.IMG_4908Here’s week one of a story from 1993. Ernie does his friend, Mohandas, a big favor…

Ernie 93-06-07Ernie 93-06-08Ernie 93-06-09Ernie 93-06-10Ernie 93-06-11Ernie 93-06-12

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I’m Much Better Now, Thank You

All I did all this past week was work, and I caught up for the time I lost when I was unable to draw. I did over two week’s worth of strips, and I still spent my monthly day volunteering at the nursing home.

Last Tuesday My sister, Roberta, and Gloria came up from New Orleans for a two week visit. But they left the following day with Frau Grace on a four day field trip through Pennsylvania, so I had the whole joint to myself alone. Roberta and I were born in Chester PA. On the way back they stopped in New Castle, Delaware to visit our cousin, Joanie. They also stopped at Cappriotti’s in New Castle to pick up a sandwich. Cappriotti’s makes the best subs in the world. They brought me back one. Look at that sucker. That’s a 12 inch ruler.IMG_4896

I was thinking of what I could put here to fill some space, and I decided that I could show a couple magazine cartoons from thirty or so years ago. I have a collection of single panel cartoons from those days available in IBook and Kindle formats on my Buy Stuff page. Here’s a couple samples…b39 Jivaro riteh-22 bar mitzvah

OK, Here’s the end of the ballerina story. Arnoldine ought to be in the Bolshoi. Ernie 07-11-20 Ernie 07-11-19 Ernie 07-11-21Ernie 07-11-22Ernie 07-11-23  Ernie 07-11-24

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