Ernie’s Debut 3

To catch up with what I’m doing now, click on the calendar entry March 26.

Ernie 88-02-03

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Ernie’s Debut 2

To catch up with what I’m doing now, click on the calendar entry March 26.

Ernie 88-02-02

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I’m Changing My format

Not much. A while back a reader asked me why I don’t post a new entry every day. I think it’s a good idea. I imagine that a lot of people would just like a comic strip in the morning like in their newspaper. If someone wants an entire story, he can just start at the beginning and go to the next strips in sequence. I’m going try it. If you don’t like it, shoot me an email. I write my blog on Sundays. When you look at my calendar on the side, you know that’s true. To look at a specific date, just click on the calendar. I’ll start posting entries on the day before. I’m going to post a Monday strip today (Sunday), so you can see it Monday morning. So I’ll post strips the night before they should appear.


So here we go. Since it’s new, I’m going to start with February 2, 1988, The first three weeks of Ernie.

Ernie 88-02-01

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The Mighty Seacows

Yesterday I (Nature Buddy) counted ten seacows in the canal. In the second clip check out the huge tail. And look for the propeller scars in the last clip.


IMG_8394I’m putting together another book just now. Daily strips from 1995-96. I hope to have it done in about a month.


Here is a little story from 2000. Ernie gets a little under the weather and makes a questionable life decision. I had to change my original dialog to make the story newspaper friendly. This is the original dialog.


Ernie 00-09-04 Ernie 00-09-05 Ernie 00-09-06 Ernie 00-09-07 Ernie 00-09-08 Ernie 00-09-09 Ernie 00-09-11 Ernie 00-09-12 Ernie 00-09-13 Ernie 00-09-14 Ernie 00-09-15 Ernie 00-09-16

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Take it easy, everybody

OK, so I gave President Trump advice on how to build his wall to keep the Mexicans out. Hey, if you’re a Trump person, don’t worry. I’m sure the Big T has a sense of humor. And It’s nothing I haven’t done in the past. Check out President Obama in 2009:

Ernie 09-04-13 Ernie 09-04-14 Ernie 09-04-15 Ernie 09-04-16 Ernie 09-04-17 Ernie 09-04-18





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Hail the Chief

I wish our new President a lot of luck. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. As a matter of fact, the President has asked me for advice on how to get the job done. Check out the strip over the next two weeks. If you can’t see it in your paper, click on the King Features link in my menu bar.

Hey, I just started putting together a new collection of dailies. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me, but when it’s out there you’ll be able to find it on my “Books and Stuff” link. It will be the years 1995 and 1996.


Now here are some Sundays from 2008

Ernie-08-05-04-Color Ernie-08-01-20-Color Ernie-08-01-13-Color Ernie-08-01-06-Color

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A couple of weeks ago friends invited me and the frau up to a resort in Kissimee, Florida. That’s right near Disney World. Very nice. There’s no doubt in my mind about why people from up in the frozen North come down here for a break. Out the window:IMG_8262And right down the road is Celebration. It’s a planned community by Disney, although I understand that some other company is taking over. It’s very nice. Mixed residential…IMG_8311IMG_8325And a very pleasant little downtown nestled around a lake. It was Valentines Day…

IMG_8352The hotel is very nice with some good Florida artwork…

IMG_8336And here’s where we spent the afternoon:

IMG_8333Enough of that. Here are some Sundays from 1996:

Ernie-96-02-25-Color Ernie-96-02-18-Color Ernie-96-02-11-Color Ernie-96-02-04-Color Ernie-96-01-28-Color

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Cortez, Florida, is a very old fishing village on Sarasota Bay just across from Bradenton Beach (Anna Maria Island) When I was a kid the only bridge to the island was from Cortez. It was a rickety old wooden bridge. When the bridge had to be opened to let boats by, it was done by hand by the bridge tender. It was a turn bridge, if that makes sense. There was a socket in the bridge which attached to a pivot, and he would put his pole in the pivot pole and walk around in circles to open the bridge. In Cortez you still buy the best and freshest seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know about the other Gulf states, but here in Florida it is definitely number one. When I was a kid and gill nets were legal, the fishermen would often let us pull their nets to shore, and when we were finished they would give us a fish for helping. In those days there were fish out the wazoo. My old man went out regularly, and they never failed to come back with a locker just crammed full of fish. Those days are long gone. Now fishermen have to go out a couple hundred miles for grouper. And believe me, there’s no better fish for dinner. If you ever come to West Florida, be sure to order a fried grouper sandwich. By the way, Cortez was mentioned in that movie “The Perfect Storm”.

Here are some shots…

IMG_8245 IMG_8243 IMG_7965 IMG_7962 IMG_7961 IMG_7958IMG_8244This is the Star Fish Restaurant associated with the Star Fish Market, where I buy lots of seafood. It’s very popular. This time of year when all the snowbirds (Northerners) are down, it’s hard to find a seat.


Here are some Spencer Sundays from 2004:

Ernie-03-05-25-Color Ernie-04-02-01-Color Ernie-04-03-07-Color Ernie-04-12-05-Color Ernie-04-12-19-Color



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Remember when…

I’m down here spending the winter in Florida where I grew up so many long years ago. And I’ll tell you what, weather wise it’s the most beautiful winter I’ve ever experienced. Since late September we’ve had at most a week and a half of stormy weather. Just beautiful sunny days, not too hot and not too cold. As a matter of fact, the past five months has had the best stretch of weather I’ve ever experienced no matter what time of year. when I was a kid down here, the winters were much colder. Highs in the 50’s F was typical. No kidding! Who knows, maybe global warming has some positive aspects. Until the icecaps have melted and we’re snorkeling down here. You never know. Maybe the Sahara Desert will turn back into grasslands again. Maybe Atlantis will rise out of the ocean. Maybe I’ll win the lottery.

Went to St. Petersburg a little while back. Downtown St. Pete is really cool. If you’re ever there be sure to visit the Dali Museum. I took some pictures of stuff on Beach Drive, along the Tampa Bay shoreline. These are bronze sculptures by a local artist. The colored light thing is someone else. IMG_8201 IMG_8204 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8209Pretty neat…

Ok, here are some stand alone gags from this time of year in 1995


Ernie 95-02-20 Ernie 95-02-21 Ernie 95-02-22 Ernie 95-02-23 Ernie 95-02-24 Ernie 95-02-25 Ernie 95-02-27 Ernie 95-02-28 Ernie 95-03-01 Ernie 95-03-02 Ernie 95-03-03 Ernie 95-03-04

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Hey, It’s Superbowl Sunday!

Whoopie! Well, enough of that. Those guys make too much money anyhow. How come a world class cartoonist (me) is on food stamps.

Check out the sinkhole in downtown Bradenton. It’s in a parking lot. Looks like it’s been there a long time. Hey, if a car hasn’t been swallowed up and buried up yet, to heck with it.IMG_8231Frau Grace likes to play with my food. Here’s my salad last week:

IMG_8161Wait. She’s still not done:

IMG_8239I like the anchovy lips. As a matter of fact I love anchovies. I go through a can every two days. There’s a village down on the heel of the Italian boot on the Adriatic. I read that there are 300 people living there of which 60 are over the age of 100. Ok, don’t go down there looking for a hot date. You couldn’t speak the language. But here’s the thing: What they eat tons of are anchovies and rosemary. I got to start eating rosemary. I’ll drive them nuts in the nursing home. The teeth are pecans. Kind of look like my teeth.

Here’s some more Sundays. This time from this time of year way back in 1990. Sorry, I don’t have color files for these. You may be interested about why the first three panels sometimes aren’t really part of the story. That’s because different newspapers use different formats when they publish. The strip has to make sense if you drop any one of the first three panels, or if you drop the entire first line of three panels. Believe me, it’s a real pain in the butt. I could do much better work if this weren’t the case. I would love to do just eight panel Sunday strips.

Ernie 90-01-21 Ernie 90-01-28 Ernie 90-02-04 Ernie 90-02-11 Ernie 90-02-18



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