New Orleans

Hey, I’m in New Orleans. Check it out.


img_7842 img_7845 img_7847

While I was there a group of protesters tried to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square. Below is an old blacksmith shop. img_7852 img_7853

I had lunch in the Napoleon House. I had a great muffaleta. On the wall next to where I was sitting was a plaque about how it was once named as one of the 100 best bars in the USA by Esquire Magazine. I mention it because the accompanying magazine article from so many years ago was illustrated by my friend Arnold Roth. Arnold has been by far the most outstanding magazine illustrator over the past 50 years. The illustration wasn’t signed, but I’d recognize his work anywhere. Years ago he gave me one of his beautiful illustrations. It was of a masseuse and her customer who had a very long beard. Arnold also plays a mean saxophone. img_7861img_7859Here are a few Sundays from 2004:

ernie-04-01-11-color ernie-04-02-15-color ernie-04-03-14-color ernie-04-04-25-color ernie-04-07-25-color

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Bob Jr. x 2

Bob the caterpillar took off, but he left his two little brothers, Bob Jr. II and Bob Jr. III. Trouble is Bob Sr.a te all the parsley. I went to the Lowes to buy another parsley plant, but it’s too late in the season. So I bought an ornamental cabbage. They didn’t like that too much.  I tried an avocado, but that didn’t work either. The next day I bought some cilantro. The grocery store didn’t have any cut parsley. They didn’t like the cilantro. The next day I finally found some cut parsley. But they left before I could get it to them.

img_7813 img_7825


By the way, I mentioned that we’re remodeling our bathroom. The electrician was here last week.

img_7815Here’s a story from 2000. Ernie bulks up.ernie-00-04-24 ernie-00-04-25 ernie-00-04-26 ernie-00-04-27 ernie-00-04-28 ernie-00-04-29 ernie-00-05-01 ernie-00-05-02 ernie-00-05-03 ernie-00-05-04 ernie-00-05-05 ernie-00-05-06

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My friend, Bob

Here’s a little movie of Bob. I was wondering why my parsley was so pathetic. Bob is a Black Swallowtail caterpillar.

Last week I announced it and now they’re here! Click on my Books and Such link in the menu bar.

Hey, those EXTRA LARGE artichokes at Harris Teeter are getting more and more expensive!img_7812Here’s what happens when you weed whack your foot:img_7800

Here’s Loinfruit with his gallon can of garbanzo beans. He also has a gallon can of pork and beans and fifteen pounds of grits. I think he’s preparing for the apocalypse.

img_7799Next Saturday Frau Grace and I are going back to Florida leaving Loinfruit to guard the house. Pray for me.

OK, Here are some strips from 1994…

Niklas S. recently sent me an email asking if I could find this first strip. If there is an old strip that you remember and would like me to try to find, please email me and I’ll do my best. Thanks for asking, Niklas.

ernie-91-01-12 ernie-94-08-01 ernie-94-08-02 ernie-94-08-03 ernie-94-08-04 ernie-94-08-05 ernie-94-08-06 ernie-94-08-08 ernie-94-08-09

This next strip never appeared. I decided that it was too violent.ernie-94-08-10o ernie-94-08-10p

This next one is one of my all time favorites.ernie-94-08-11 ernie-94-08-12 ernie-94-08-13

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Two New Books

OK, I finally got it done. Two new books. You will be able to order them from Amazon toward the end of this coming week. The first is Ernie and the Piranha Club 2009-2010. It contains all the daily comic strips from (you guessed it) 2009 and 2010. No Sundays. They are in black and white (no color) just as I drew them. I hope to put out more collections in the future. And hey! What a terrific Christmas present for your demented Uncle Bob! They’re in the original English, so if you read Ernie in Serbo-Croatian, you finally get to see my beautiful lettering. It’s paperback and it’s 207 pages long. Wow! Here’s the cover:

Book-cover-09-10And a sample inside page:

The World's Ugliest Dog 3

I also made a paperback version of some of my old single panel magazine cartoons. These are from 30 years ago. There is a Kindle version out, but this is much better. And I added a bunch cartoons to the collection, so there are over 125 cartoons in there .  Here’s the cover:Guess-who-got-lucky-CoverAnd here’s a sample of what’s inside:

h-99 dynamite suppositories copyNow some of these cartoons are just a little bit naughty. So don’t buy the book for your little kiddies.

Each book will run you $12.95, I think. There’s shipping involved, but I don’t know how much. I’m going to order a bunch of books myself and sell them on the street. Next week I’ll add a link here on my blog.

OK, Here are a few Sundays from 2009.

Ernie-09-02-08-Color Ernie-09-07-05-Color Ernie-09-08-16-Color Ernie-09-12-20-Color

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OK, but I keep on trying

The news is that there will be two books available next week. I think. You know how hard it is to figure out how to do stuff is with third party stuff on the internet. But I think I finally have it pegged. The big announcement will be next week  (I think again. Remember Curly Howard? When he said “I try to think, but nothing happens”? That’s me. I have the mental capacity of an cephalopod. You probably don’t even know what a cephalopod is. Right? The only reason that I know what it is is because occasionally one shows up in my comic strip.)

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to a memorial service for one of my fellow cartoonists, Richard Thompson. It was at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. I met Richard 30 years ago about the time I started Ernie/Piranha Club. Richard was the finest when it came to art work (in my opinion) in our profession. He drew a comic strip titled  Cul De Sac. And he was a terrific artist. I only wish that I could draw as well as he did. He died far too young. Rest in peace, Richard.IMG_7743


My friend Rick Kirkman, came from Arizona for the service. We’re old friends. Rick draws the Baby Blues. Check it out. He brought me a wonderful present. IMG_7789


It’s on dashboard of my new used Chrysler 300 (I love that car!). Thanks, Rick. I think that he and I are related. My great grandmother is a Kirkman.


Ernie 98-09-07 Ernie 98-09-08 Ernie 98-09-09 Ernie 98-09-10 Ernie 98-09-11 Ernie 98-09-12 Ernie 98-09-14 Ernie 98-09-15 Ernie 98-09-16 Ernie 98-09-17 Ernie 98-09-18



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Hey, remember last week I said that I’d have a big announcement this week. Well the big announcement is that the big announcement will be next week. I didn’t get quite finished with what I had to do. Do you know that I haven’t drawn a comic strip in over a month. I’ve been so busy woring on other projects. Fortunately I’m well ahead of my deadlines. Most cartoonist are right down to the wire. I try to be six months ahead. It’s easy because I love drawing my comics.But please tune in next week.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening in Annapolis. For those who don’t live in the USA, Annapolis is the capital of the state of  Maryland. It’s a beautiful old city right on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. (My house is on the Eastern Shore.)


IMG_7714Here’s how the ladies feed ice cream to their dogs in Annapolis:

IMG_7686A popular form of transportation for the tourists are the pedalcabs. (I don’t know if that’s a word or not.)

IMG_7725This is how Batdog gets around.

IMG_7727It’s also the site of the United States Naval Academy. IMG_7712

All the brand new midshipmen came out in their dress whites at six o’clock. Just kids out of high school. And bevies of pretty young women show up as well. They’re hoping to snag a future naval officer.


Take a look at this rhinoceros beetle from my back yard:

IMG_7680Last week I started a story from 1996. Grandpa Fernwilter’s first appearance. Here’s the end of the story:

Ernie 96-08-12 Ernie 96-08-13 Ernie 96-08-14 Ernie 96-08-15 Ernie 96-08-16 Ernie 96-08-17 Ernie 96-08-19 Ernie 96-08-20 Ernie 96-08-21 Ernie 96-08-22 Ernie 96-08-23 Ernie 96-08-24

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Work! Work! Work!

All I did this past week is work. Geeze. I don’t have any fun at all. And the old ball and chain (Frau Grace) is in Texas! You’d think I’d be out drinking and chasing women! But no. I’ve been working on a secret project. Tune in next week. I think I’ll have a big announcement.

OK, we’re going back 20 years to August 1996. It’s the first appearance of guess who! This is part one. If I can remember, I’ll post part 2 next week…Ernie 96-07-29 Ernie 96-07-30 Ernie 96-07-31 Ernie 96-08-01 Ernie 96-08-02 Ernie 96-08-03 Ernie 96-08-05 Ernie 96-08-06 Ernie 96-08-07 Ernie 96-08-08 Ernie 96-08-09 Ernie 96-08-10

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Sorry I’m Late

I came back from Florida last week. We were back in Northern Virginia over the weekend and got back last night. So I’m a day late getting this out.

While we were in Florida Loinfruit moved into the shack. He brought all his junk furniture. Now I don’t have a porch.IMG_7527He also brought all his old groceries. For example…

IMG_7523Ten pounds of grits. He’s so proud of himself!

IMG_7524OK, I’ve got guys in the house putting in a bathroom the place is a wreck. I’ll update next week. I can’t wait to get my toilet back.

IMG_7528Here’s when Arnoldine met Robert, the computer programmer:

Ernie 12-03-19 Ernie 12-03-20 Ernie 12-03-21 Ernie 12-03-22 Ernie 12-03-23 Ernie 12-03-24

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What a cute little kid!

Hello, everybody. I hope you are all enjoying the summer. I’m still in Bradenton, Florida looking for a house that I want to live in. Yesterday we looked at a mansion. 3800 square feet. Marble floors. Olympic size (almost) swimming pool. If you want to see it, go to a real estate site like or The address is 2309 87th St NW, Bradenton, FL 34209. It’s much too big for me. But they are only asking $600,000! Incredible. Up around Washington DC it would be at least 1.7 million. No kidding. Houses down here are really cheap. I suggest everybody cheapskate like me who’s reading this should move to Bradenton.

That’s about all this week. I was thinking about Spencer, so here are five Spencer Sundays from 2003 and 2004.



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Bridge Street

This is Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, Florida. My mother pulled our little 25 foot long Alma across the Bridge and onto Anna Maria Island (My old man hated to drive) in 1951, and she stopped and asked an old man on the street where the Gulf was. He thought she meant a Gulf gas station and pointed back the way we came. The Gulf of Mexico was a block up the street. Here’s Bridge Street now. Where the pier is is where the old wooden bridge was when I was a kid.IMG_7506

Where this guy is casting his net is just to the right of the pier. When I was a kid a dead sea cow washed up on the beach. I have an old photo of my mother somewhere sitting on it.


Just to the lefet of the pier is the Drift Inn Bar. It’s been there over 75 years. My best friend, Freddy, his mother was a bartender there. My Uncle Spencer (Yes, Spencer is named after him.) used to hang out there because it was the cheapest bar in Manatee County. He would sit there all day drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

IMG_7505Here’s a shot of Bridge Street now.

IMG_7503At the top of Bridge Street used to sit Herb’s Silver Dollar Bar. The bar was 25 or 30 feet long and it was covered edge to edge with silver dollars. It was great place. There’s a nice place there now where it used to stand. It reminds me of sloppy Joe’s in Key West. I think it’s called the Beach Times.

IMG_7499And, finally, right across the street from the Beach Times is the Bradenton Beach Moose Lodge. It’s got to be the best Moose Lodge in the country. It sits smack on the beach. My friend Freddy and I went to a New Years Eve party with his mom and dad way back in the 60’s. And what a wonderful time that was.

IMG_7501Enough of that. Here’s a story from 1990…Ernie 90-11-08 Ernie 90-11-09 Ernie 90-11-10 Ernie 90-11-12 Ernie 90-11-13 Ernie 90-11-14 Ernie 90-11-15 Ernie 90-11-16 Ernie 90-11-17

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