A Couple Birds…

There a several species of really cool birds on the West Florida coast. When I was a kid there weren’t quite so many wood storks. Now they appear to be abundant. They’re really cool. They stand about a meter tall, and they have beautiful white and black plumage. What makes them really neat though, is their ugly heads.img_7954Here’s a little film

When I was a kid down here there were two eagles’ nests in Palma Sola. Palma Sola is a little bay across from Anna Maria Island where I grew up. There were lots of big pine trees then. Now there’s only one, and it isn’t so big. But occasionally I have spotted a bald eagle sitting in it. One was there the other day as I drove by. All I had was my IPhone, so the resolution isn’t so good.

eagle-2And way up above flew her mate:

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Simon from Estonia asked about a couple old stories including this one from 1995. And if you have an old favorite, let me know and I’ll do my best to find it .ernie-95-03-06 ernie-95-03-07 ernie-95-03-08 ernie-95-03-09 ernie-95-03-10 ernie-95-03-11 ernie-95-03-13 ernie-95-03-14 ernie-95-03-15 ernie-95-03-16ernie-95-03-17ernie-95-03-18



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