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New Book!

As you might guess, it contains all the daily strips from 1995 and 1996. And it’s only TEN BUCKS! I’m going to reduce the price of the 2009-2010 book to ten bucks as well as soon as I can figure out how to do it. The book has some good stories if I may say so myself: That one where Arnold gets the prairie dog stuck in his mouth. The story that got me thrown out of the Chicago Tribune. The story that got the Secretary of the Treasury on my case. You have no idea how muck I was negatively edited. Here’s the table of contents:

1. Sid the Bookie
2. The Lawn Jockey
3 Enos Goes to Medical School
4. Barnacle Bill Lands a Job
5. Life in Bayonne Part 1
6. Curse of the Cephalopod
7. The Membership Drive
8. The World’s Worst Landlord
9. Life in Bayonne Part 2
10. He has a SISTER?!!
11. Jury Duty
12. Meanwhile, Down at the 7-11
13. The Secret Ritual
14. Life in Bayonne Part 3
15. Amazing Live Sea Monkeys
16. Earth Shattering News
17. Launch of the Zephyr
18. Belly Button Jokes
19. Life in Bayonne Part 4
20. Look Who Just Got Out of Jail
21. The Problem with Computer Dating
22. Life in Bayonne Part 5
23. Arnold vs. the ATF
24. Mr. Lips
25. Pass the Popcorn
26. Life in Bayonne Part 6
27. Mr. Squid, Superstar
28. The World’s Hardest Question
29. Prairie Dog Special
30. Elvis Zimmerman, Treasurer
31. Life in Bayonne Part 7
32. Down at the Steel Pier
33. Your Serve, Agnes
35. The Fight of the Century
36. Life in Bayonne Part 8
37. Sid’s Bank
38. Gentlemen, Be Seated
39. Yet Another Elvis Sighting
40. The Big Easy (Almost)
41. Life in Bayonne Part 9
43. The Goatherd
44. The Wrath of Muchu Puchu
45. Sid Joins the Salvation Army
46. Merry Christmas

You can get it directly from the printer here.

Or you can get it from Amazon here

A have two other books available on Amazon. The first is a collection of all the Ernie/Piranha Club daily comic strips from 2009 and 2010. They are in black and white. The book has over 600 comic strips in it. And one really nice thing about it is that the strips are big enough to see, not like the way the newspapers shrink them down to nothing. It goes for $10.00. Order it here.


Here’s a sample page:

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-2-08-34-pmThe second book is a collection of black and white, single panel magazine cartoons from way back when before I started drawing Ernie. It’s title is Guess Who Got Lucky. I did a Kindle book by the same title, but this collection has about twenty additional cartoons. And besides, it’s a real book on real paper. It also costs $12.95. Now some of the drawings in there are just a little bit naughty, so don’t buy it for the kiddies. I’m discontinuing the original’s availability on Kindle. Here’s a link.guess-who-got-lucky-cover-blogHere’s a peek inside:

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 Original Comic Strips and Reproductions

If you would like to buy and original Ernie/Piranha Club (It’s called Piranha Club in the U.S. and Canada and Ernie elsewhere) the dailies sell for $120 and the Sundays for $150, plus the cost of shipping. They’re drawn on two ply Bristol board with India ink.¬† Go to my Home page and use the email link to contact me. I still have strips from about 2014 to the present time. The rest have been archived in the Louvre. Actually, they’re at the University of Ohio. There are also quite a few archived in the cartoon bank in Lund, Sweden. I forget the name of the organization that has them. It’s possible to get old strips from the Ohio archives, but it’s pain in the butt. King Features also offers copies, and I believe these are in color. I don’t know what they charge or how big the strips are. Go to


Here’s how to contact me: