Cruise to Nova Scotia Part Three

I’m back on schedule again. And I wanted to show you some of the interesting people that I met on our cruise three weeks ago. But first, Our traveling companions were our friends Don and Susan:IMG_6167And our table companions, all members of the Elk Lodge in Fairfax Virginia, Jennifer and Michael:IMG_0280Here are Don, Mary and Marie:DSCN0024And Marty and Mary:DSCN0005And here’s Frau Grace and Susan:IMG_0229All really great people. I enjoyed their company all week long.

But we also had a few celebrities:

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison


Hulk Hogan and Susan


Dig the 80 year old guy in the belly flop contest. The cruise director was afraid he’d hurt himself.

But my favorite was Charles!

IMG_6182Here he is in the Sexiest Man Contest:

He could sing:

And could he ever dance!

But guess who won TWO GOLD MEDALS?!!! Who else?

IMG_6270Buddy Valentine! Eat you heart out, Mark Spitz! One for “Family Feud” (Buddy was the captain and on the face off, “Name a food you would hate to be allergic to”.  Buddy buzzed in with “Spaghetti”. The game was rescued by his team, “The Hopalongs”. Gold medal number two was, naturally, for his tearful rendition of “The Wonder of You”. The crowd went NUTZ!

Enough of that. Here’s a little story from Ernie’s first year, April 1988. I actually wrote and drew a similar monkey  story way back when I first started drawing cartoons, probably around 1975 or so.  In that first version I played the part of Ernie, and Lorraine, who later became Frau Grace, also appeared. I redrew it as it appears here for the newspaper strip.

Ernie 88-04-18Ernie 88-04-19 Ernie 88-04-20 Ernie 88-04-21 Ernie 88-04-22 Ernie 88-04-23 Ernie 88-04-25 Ernie 88-04-26 Ernie 88-04-27 Ernie 88-04-28 Ernie 88-04-29 Ernie 88-04-30

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