Ernie vs the Piranha Club

What I did last summer. I mean last week. I drew three dailies and four Sundays and beat my brains out trying to get the EBook into Kindle format. They don’t make it easy, at least for cartoon books. I won’t get much done next week, I have to go to Orlandop to help Frau Grace with her dad. He’s 93 now, and we have to get him into assisted living. He’s all for it, but there’s lots of papers to sort through. Vincent Amico. He had a brilliant career. My father-in-law was one of the real pioneers in simulation technology. For years he was the director of the Naval Simulation Laboratory, first in Port Washington NY, and then in Orlando. When he retired he went to the University of Central Florida, and through his efforts there came about the Institute for Simulation and Training. They have a scholarship named for him.

Here are some future Sunday strips:

Reverend Bob finally gets enough money together for a much needed addition to his church…

Church Building fund1

And Ernie feeds Baby Fillmore. Or tries…

 Bowl in mouth FS

And Reverend Bob preaches on the Plagues of Egypt…

 Plagues of Egypt

And Sid has some prime real estate for sale…

 Lot in swamp

Back in 1998 my editor, Jay Kennedy wanted me to change the name of the strip from “Ernie” to “Piranha Club” Who was I to say no. Today it’s still called Ernie in most of the rest of the world. Here in the States it’s the Piranha Club. Here’s week one of how it came about:

Ernie 98-08-24Ernie 98-08-25Ernie 98-08-26Ernie 98-08-27Ernie 98-08-28Ernie 98-08-29

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