Happy New Year!

Today Frau grace and I took a walk through The Robinson Preserve in Palma Sola right near Bradenton, Florida. I had never been there. It brought back memories of my childhood. The Robinson preserve is salt barrens. Very little is left from the days of my childhood on Anna Maria, but walking through the preserve brought back memories. When I was a kid on Anna Maria Island we had two places to play. The beach or the JUNGLE. I’d come home to the trailer all covered with mud and scratches, and my mother would say “Where have you been?” and the answer was THE JUNGLE. It really was a jungle too. Like this:

img_8113Here’s a boardwalk through the mangroves:

img_8118This is typical of the open areas where we played. At big high tides, this will be under water:img_8092This guy fishing off a bridge told me that he had caught and released at least twenty fish in the previous hour. Black drum, snappers (I’m guessing mangrove snappers), sheepshead. This year has been great for fish. I haven’t seen so many mullet since I was a kid. Here’s a panorama of a bayou:

img_8090My Iphone 5s does a great job with panoramas.

Enough of that. This story is from winter, 1994. Sid loses
Earl. Omigod! Will they ever be reunited?!ernie-94-02-07 ernie-94-02-08 ernie-94-02-09 ernie-94-02-10 ernie-94-02-11 ernie-94-02-12 ernie-94-02-14 ernie-94-02-15 ernie-94-02-16 ernie-94-02-17 ernie-94-02-18 ernie-94-02-19 ernie-94-02-21 ernie-94-02-22 ernie-94-02-23 ernie-94-02-24 ernie-94-02-25 ernie-94-02-26p

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