Yes, I’m back from a week in Orlando. Frau Grace and I were down there moving her dad who is 93 into an assisted living facility. He and his wife seem perfectly happy, in fact he’s happier than he was in his apartment. The only picture I have is of me opening their Murphy bed. Ever sleep in a Murphy bed?IMG_2951IMG_2961And this weird cloud. It was about 5 miles long. Don’t tell me there aren’t Space guys out there. And look at this paragraph. It’s blue and underlined! How did THAT happen?!!!

Here’s the rest of the story about when I sent Ernie to Outer Mongolia so I could change the name of the strip. One sad fact: I don’t have the final strip in the series! Don’t know what happened to it. The original is probably in the Archive at the University of Ohio. And King Features has a copy. But, sorry, I don’t have it. I seem to recall that Ernie comes back and I have some explaining to do.

Ernie 98-08-31Ernie 98-09-01Ernie 98-09-02Ernie 98-09-03Ernie 98-09-04


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