Hey, It’s Superbowl Sunday!

Whoopie! Well, enough of that. Those guys make too much money anyhow. How come a world class cartoonist (me) is on food stamps.

Check out the sinkhole in downtown Bradenton. It’s in a parking lot. Looks like it’s been there a long time. Hey, if a car hasn’t been swallowed up and buried up yet, to heck with it.IMG_8231Frau Grace likes to play with my food. Here’s my salad last week:

IMG_8161Wait. She’s still not done:

IMG_8239I like the anchovy lips. As a matter of fact I love anchovies. I go through a can every two days. There’s a village down on the heel of the Italian boot on the Adriatic. I read that there are 300 people living there of which 60 are over the age of 100. Ok, don’t go down there looking for a hot date. You couldn’t speak the language. But here’s the thing: What they eat tons of are anchovies and rosemary. I got to start eating rosemary. I’ll drive them nuts in the nursing home. The teeth are pecans. Kind of look like my teeth.

Here’s some more Sundays. This time from this time of year way back in 1990. Sorry, I don’t have color files for these. You may be interested about why the first three panels sometimes aren’t really part of the story. That’s because different newspapers use different formats when they publish. The strip has to make sense if you drop any one of the first three panels, or if you drop the entire first line of three panels. Believe me, it’s a real pain in the butt. I could do much better work if this weren’t the case. I would love to do just eight panel Sunday strips.

Ernie 90-01-21 Ernie 90-01-28 Ernie 90-02-04 Ernie 90-02-11 Ernie 90-02-18



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