High School Reunion Time

Good ol’ Seacow High! Last week we had our reunion. It was a long, long time ago when all graduated.Here’s a picture of part of the group:


And these are the ones that were in my elementary school, dear old Anna Maria Elementary. Just to think that I’ve known these people since I was a little tiny kid. Wow! It brings tears to my pretty eyes. There’s Mary Jo and Delores and Doris and Betty Lu and Bobby and Freddy and Terry and little old me. I wish all of our old classmates could have been there.

15032220_10154663646154727_2081896768675096242_nI recalled one story of the time I swiped Colonel Doyl’s rabbit fur, the one he used to make static electricity. That week they took our senior class group pictures, and I wore the fur ala Jerry Colonna non my upper lip. We had a big graduating class, and the prison guards didn’t see my moustache until after it was a done deal. I caught proverbial hell from the warden and the rest of the Gestapo. They threatened to make my poor widowed mother pay to have the whole thing done over. Their final solution for the Yearbook was to cut my head out and paste somebody else’s head on my body. Yep, if you look at my old yearbook, I’m the guy with the tiny misshapen head.

Here’s what sunsets look like from my back yard:

img_8012Hey, Christmas is fast approaching. Do your grandpa a big favor and buy him one of my books. For ever two I sell, I make enough money to buy a bottle of beer.

You are probably aware that Effie sometimes has a hard time buying a quality cut of meat from Schultz the Butcher. Here are a few instances from 2005 and 2006…

ernie-05-01-30-color ernie-05-04-24-color ernie-06-01-08-color ernie-06-03-05-color ernie-06-04-02-color ernie-06-10-08-color

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