I was in Dunedin

That’s just north of Clearwater. Turns out I had an unbirthday last week. (I don’t have birthdays any longer. I haven’t aged in fifteen years.) Dunedin is a very nice small town. We went to The Livingroom. That’s a terrific restaurant in downtown. The food was wonderful. On the outside of the restaurant is a pet mural. You can pay to have your pet’s portrait painted into it. The proceeds go to some animal charity:IMG_8214Here’s a closeup. You can see one portrait is waiting to be finished.

IMG_8216The inside is decorated like somebody’s living room.


Check the ceiling lights. They’re shaded by lampshades.

IMG_8223This was early. The joint filled up soon after. They grow your salad on the wall:


Thanks so much to Ann, Rosemary (Ann’s sister) and Arthur and Marthur. (Art and Martha spent a couple days with us here in Bradenton.). And check the cake. Turns out that Rosemary and I share the same birthday. So they split the cake down the middle. How about the piranha?!

IMG_8229Enough of that. Here are some Sundays from 2000. At the time I was doing a bunch of comic book work, and these were inked by Jay Scruggs, a terrific cartoonist in his own right. Notice that the lettering in some of the strips is very regular. I made some font suitcases, and then I wrote a little program that would alternate the different font sets as the dialog was typed in. I think the hand lettered dialog is much better.Ernie-00-10-22-colorErnie-00-04-30-Color Ernie-00-08-06-Color Ernie-00-05-07-Color Ernie-00-04-23-colorErnie-00-05-21-Color



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