It Ain’t As Easy As It Looks

I thought that you might be interested about what goes into putting together my comics. I don’t just start drawing. First I have to come up with the gags and a story line if there is one. I think a lot, and if I’m lucky I come up with a basic gag. But that has to be translated into a something which will fit into the newspaper with the right timing and the right format. I also often have to create new characters. That’s the easy part. The drawing isn’t very hard, that is, unless it’s complicated in that I have to make clear what’s going on given the tiny space in a cartoon panel. Writing the jokes and laying them out is the hardest part. Here is typically what I go through in preparing a weeks worth of strips. In this case it’s a story where President Trump asks me for advice on how to run the country. Most of it is about getting the dialog to say what I want it to say. I write and rewrite trying to make it work.IMG_8178I’m not a good caricaturist, so it takes me a very long time to work out a depiction of someone that you can kind of recognize. Here’s the Trump that I finally settled on:Trump faceNot real good. I know some caricaturists who are so damn good! The best I ever knew is Klas Danielsson. Brilliant man. For example he was the Swedish Jeopardy champion. And he used to translate my comics into Swedish. My story about President Trump will start March 6

Enough of that. Here is a story from the US election in 2008. By the way, I predicted the nominees. I’m psychic, you know.

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