A couple of weeks ago friends invited me and the frau up to a resort in Kissimee, Florida. That’s right near Disney World. Very nice. There’s no doubt in my mind about why people from up in the frozen North come down here for a break. Out the window:IMG_8262And right down the road is Celebration. It’s a planned community by Disney, although I understand that some other company is taking over. It’s very nice. Mixed residential…IMG_8311IMG_8325And a very pleasant little downtown nestled around a lake. It was Valentines Day…

IMG_8352The hotel is very nice with some good Florida artwork…

IMG_8336And here’s where we spent the afternoon:

IMG_8333Enough of that. Here are some Sundays from 1996:

Ernie-96-02-25-Color Ernie-96-02-18-Color Ernie-96-02-11-Color Ernie-96-02-04-Color Ernie-96-01-28-Color

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