My Computer Went Blewey

I  have to take it in to some computer jock on Tuesday to see if we can bring it back from the dead. It’s a 31 inch IMac from 2010. But I have my 2013  AirBook. I’m such a competer savvy guy. When I was in college so many many years ago the University computer (Florida State) took up the entire basement of the physics building. (I was a whiz on my Deitzgen slide rule) Now a laptop can do more than that big old dinosaur could. When I was a grad student we fed our programs into the computer with punch cards. I wrote programs with hundreds of cards long. You don’t remember the old Univac Computer, do you?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish for you a healthy and prosperous 2017!

Here are some new years strips from long ago…ernie-04-01-02

ernie-03-12-31 ernie-04-01-03 ernie-01-12-31 ernie-02-01-01 ernie-04-01-01 ernie-91-01-01 ernie-99-01-01 ernie-97-02-25 ernie-96-12-31 ernie-92-12-31p ernie-92-01-01 ernie-91-01-02

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