My Ol’ Home Town

Last week I and some of my kinfolk went up to Wilmington, Delaware to the old family cemetery plot. Afterwards we took a drive back to my ol’ home town, Village Green, Pennsylvania. It’s right outside of Chester. This was before we moved to Florida. The house where I was a little kid is gone now, but there still remained houses where friends lived. My sister isn’t shy at all, so she went up to the place where the Barucci’s lived and knocked on the door. Surprise, surprise, Roberta. The Barucci’s moved out 60 years ago. We took a ride down Knowlton Road where we lived until 1950. About two miles down we found the Linvilla orchard where we used to go to get peaches. It’s still there, and very big now, but the peaches are still the best you can find. Here’s the ruins of the old building that housed the sorting machines when I was a kid:

That’s one of the shops. When we were kids we used to wander for miles down back roads and across country sides. Often we would go through the woods to the orchard and grab peaches. Best I ever ate. Their apples are terrific as well, but, of course, it was too early in the year for them. I can still taste the cider we got when we were kids.

We stopped by Monkey Hill in Wilmington. It’s a little zoo. When I was little my mother would take me there. She was born and lived in Wilmington until she married. The only animals that the the zoo had that I remember from the time I was small, was the monkeys and a bear. The park is much bigger than I remember it. It lies along the Brandywine Creek.

Then we took a little side trip to the old village of New Castle, Delaware on the Delaware River. It’s very quaint. There’s a statue of William Penn who founded New Castle and for whom the State of Pennsylvania was named.

When My crazy grandmother was young (She’s the one who kept the pet black widow spiders) she loved to go to the whipping post. She was such a regular attendee that the sheriff reserved a front row seat for her. Once when we were kids she told my sister that the best part was when they threw the salt on the lacerations after the beatings. We blame all the weird behavior in my family on Grandmommy Sutton.

If you haven’t tuned in lately you may not know that I just put a new collection of strips together. Click on the Books and stuff link.

Ok, enough from my childhood, here’s a Sunday from this time of year in 1999. Sid is teaching Ernie a few of the finer points about playing poker at the Piranha Club:



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