My Old Friend Jack

Stopped by the shack yesterday. He was the first friend I made when we moved to0 the Washington DC area 39 years ago. I had a part-time job teaching at Montgomery College in Rockville Maryland. He worked there at the same time that I did, but he’s spent most of his career at the University of Maryland.

He brought by his Hasselblad camera. It’s the same model that the Astronauts took to the moon. It’s a very special camera. He explained that the exposure and the f-stop are synchronized. They left the body on the moon and just returned with the film canister, so the story goes. Here’s what it looks like:

Did you notice my piece of excrement boat in the background of the first photo? I tried to donate it to the Maritime museum to sell. They wouldn’t take it. The Salvation Army is going to stop by this week. Maybe they’ll haul it away, but I’m not setting my expectations too high. It’s illegal to sink it.


Check out this two masted schooner that was in the St. Michaels Harbor on Friday.

From this time of year in 2013. Sid shows you how it’s done…

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