A Couple Birds…

There a several species of really cool birds on the West Florida coast. When I was a kid there weren’t quite so many wood storks. Now they appear to be abundant. They’re really cool. They stand about a meter tall, and they have beautiful white and black plumage. What makes them really neat though, is their ugly heads.img_7954Here’s a little film

When I was a kid down here there were two eagles’ nests in Palma Sola. Palma Sola is a little bay across from Anna Maria Island where I grew up. There were lots of big pine trees then. Now there’s only one, and it isn’t so big. But occasionally I have spotted a bald eagle sitting in it. One was there the other day as I drove by. All I had was my IPhone, so the resolution isn’t so good.

eagle-2And way up above flew her mate:

eagleHey, Remember that I have a couple books for sale. Check the link in the menu bar. Give one to your Uncle Herman for Christmas.


Simon from Estonia asked about a couple old stories including this one from 1995. And if you have an old favorite, let me know and I’ll do my best to find it .ernie-95-03-06 ernie-95-03-07 ernie-95-03-08 ernie-95-03-09 ernie-95-03-10 ernie-95-03-11 ernie-95-03-13 ernie-95-03-14 ernie-95-03-15 ernie-95-03-16ernie-95-03-17ernie-95-03-18



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Manatee County

That’s where I am and that’s where I spent my depraved childhood. There’s a reason why they named it Manatee Countee way back when. Check the video. It’s in the canal behind my cousin’s home where I am staying while I’m in Florida.

Manatees were called sea cows by seafarers way back when America was first discovered. I heard that the sailors then mistook them for mermaids. I guess that might happen after you’ve been holed up in a stinky ship with fifty other stinky men for 5 or 6 months. Sea cows start looking kind of attractive. I went to Manatee High School, home of the Fighting Sea Cows. As a matter of fact, I and my boyhood chum, Freddy, are going to a high school reunion next weekend. I won’t say how long it’s been, but most of my former classmates don’t have teeth any longer. I mentioned in and earlier blog the the world’s oldest know sea cow lives in Bradenton. I saw Baby Snoots when I was a teenager. He’s still around and fighting off the old sailors I mentioned above. Nowadays they call him Snooty. Finally, here’s an old photo of a dead sea cow that washed up on the shore of Bradenton Beach, right by the old wooden bridge. This was about 1956. There’s another photo somewhere of my mother sitting on it. I’ll bet YOUR mother never sat on a dead sea cow.


I think I’ll draw a story about Bob the Sea Cow. But meantime, Here are some Sundays from 1998:

ernie-98-01-04-color ernie-98-02-01-color ernie-98-02-22-color ernie-98-03-29-color ernie-98-05-10-color

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What a beautiful Automobile

If you don’t know, I have a couple books available. Check the link above.

Pontus emailed me asking if I could find a particular daily comic strip from years ago. Seems he loves old DeSotos. Take a look at his 1959. He didn’t say what model it is. It’s a beauty. 257Most won’t remember “You Bet Your Life” with Groucho Marks. He was sponsored by DeSoto. His show was first on radio and later on tv. You can find his radio show by Googling “Old Time Radio”. And, by the way, DeSoto was the car company with automatic transmissions. Bet you didn’t know that. Here’s a Youtube link to Groucho’s tv show.

Here’s the strip Pontus asked for:ernie-93-03-10pAnd here’s a DeSoto story from a couple weeks before:

ernie-93-02-15p ernie-93-02-16p ernie-93-02-17p ernie-93-02-18p ernie-93-02-19p ernie-93-02-20p ernie-93-02-22p ernie-93-02-23p ernie-93-02-24p ernie-93-02-25p ernie-93-02-26p ernie-93-02-27p ernie-93-03-01p ernie-93-03-02p ernie-93-03-03p

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A Little Science Quiz

First let me remind you that I have a couple collections available in the Books and Stuff page. There’s a link on the menu bar.

Now here’s a little science quiz. As you know I’m Dr. Buddy, the world’s smartest genius. I’ve noticed this phenomonon  (As you might have just noticed, I don’t know how to spell phenonomon)  The pan has  a rounded bottom on a glass cook top stove. When the water boils the pan rocks. Why is this?

Here’s what I think: It rocks to one side which touches the stove and it gets instantaneously hotter. Then it rocks back and the same thing happens on the other side. I believe when one side touches, water boils faster creating more steam. Now when the steam in in a bubble in the water, it has the same mass as the water it was created from. When it bursts to the surface, its weight is released into the air, and that side becomes instantaneously lighter, and so the pan rocks back to the heavier side. But this could be wrong and it probably is. Could the bursting bubbles of steam provide a momentum transfer to the side of the pan they escape from? Any thoughts from you scientists out there. Email me if you think you know the solution.

A reqader named Andrew sent me a terrific email. I think it’s terrific mainly because he included a qupote from Alfred Packer’s trial, and I had never read it before. You may or may not know that Mother Packer (Her first name is Alferda) is named after Alferd Packer, the notorious Colorado cannibal (The cafeteria at the University of Colorado is named after him) This is from Packers trial:

Stand up yah voracious man-eatin’ sonofabitch and receive yir sintince. When yah came to Hinsdale County, there was siven Dimmycrats. But you, yah et five of ’em, goddam yah. I sintince yah t’ be hanged by th’ neck ontil yer dead, dead, dead, as a warnin’ ag’in reducin’ th’ Dimmycratic populayshun of this county. Packer, you Republican cannibal, I would sintince ya ta hell but the statutes forbid it.

Although he was sentenced to death, he got himself a retrial and was sentenced to 40 years.

alferd_packerAndrew must be a fun guy:

BTW, a fun exercise when out with friends. When you give your name to the hostess, use “Donner”. I cannot begin to describe the satisfaction of hearing “Donner, party of 8, Donner, party of 8” over the speaker. Better still is the small percentage of folks whose heads whip around, eyes wide, and the small smile that creeps onto their faces.

If you don’t know, this refers to the Donner party who got stranded in the mountains in California and ate one another. Thanks Andrew!

ernie-12-05-27-color ernie-12-01-15-color ernie-11-11-06-color ernie-11-10-23-color ernie-10-09-12-color ernie-10-07-04-color ernie-10-02-14-color

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Back in Florida

Yes, I’m back, just in time for that hurricane. But I’m on the West Coast, and Matthew went up the East Coast, and all we got here was some wind and a little rain. Hurricanes don’t bother me. I’ve been through them, and I’m very much at home in the water. I remember the time our trailer floated out to sea. I was paddling like crazy.

Back a couple weeks ago Doctor Buddy was giving you some free medical advice. Recall the automatic butt scratcher? Am I psychic or what?! Check the link. Tobias sent it to me.

Hey check out the nice stand of Lepiotas.

img_7921I think they’re Leucoagaricus naucinus. You didn’t know that I was an amateur mycologist, did you? I’ve been picking mushrooms for almost 40 years. And I only poisoned myself once. Back in Tallahassee, Florida when I was in graduate school, I used to hang out at a really filthy bar called the Pastime Tavern. I can remember Leo the bartender sitting on the bar after closing and shooting rats with his 22 rifle. Once in the men’s room at the back of the pool hall a giant fungus grew out of the urinal down to the floor and then all the way up to the ceiling. That’s when I became fascinated with mushrooms. Speaking of which, look what came in Al’s mail last week:

brain-fungusWow! An intelligent mushroom! Actually, I know a few people who are about as smart as fungus. But I know this particular mushroom as a Hairy Tooth Fungus. I’ve eaten several over the years. It hasn’t done my brain much good.

Hey! I put together two books in case you haven’t heard. You can get them in the link on my menu bar.


Mean time, this is from1990. Ernie gets in trouble with the law…ernie-90-10-08 ernie-90-10-09 ernie-90-10-10 ernie-90-10-11 ernie-90-10-12 ernie-90-10-13 ernie-90-10-15 ernie-90-10-16 ernie-90-10-17 ernie-90-10-18 ernie-90-10-19 ernie-90-10-20

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My Sister Has Big Ears

Take a look. These elephant ears are MASSIVE! Take it from me.


I know quite a bit about elephant ears. When I was a kid in Florida we had an elephant ear plant right by our front door. I used to tear off little pieces and eat it. It didn’t taste too good, but it kind of looked like cabbage, so I figured it had to be pretty good for you. Turns out elephant ears are poison. Never hurt me much. When I was real little in Pennsylvania I liked to eat a certain of clover. It was a light yellow green in color and grew in little bunches. Turns out when I grew up I learned that it was poison too. It tasted good, though. I like to go out into the woods and find wild mushrooms. I only poisoned myself once.

If you haven’t heard, I have two books you can order from Amazon. Click the link in the menu above.

Here’s a Sunday Spencer marathon from 2005

ernie-05-01-16-color ernie-05-04-17-color ernie-05-06-26-color ernie-05-08-07-color ernie-05-09-25-color ernie-05-10-30-color ernie-05-12-25-color

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New Orleans

Hey, I’m in New Orleans. Check it out.


img_7842 img_7845 img_7847

While I was there a group of protesters tried to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square. Below is an old blacksmith shop. img_7852 img_7853

I had lunch in the Napoleon House. I had a great muffaleta. On the wall next to where I was sitting was a plaque about how it was once named as one of the 100 best bars in the USA by Esquire Magazine. I mention it because the accompanying magazine article from so many years ago was illustrated by my friend Arnold Roth. Arnold has been by far the most outstanding magazine illustrator over the past 50 years. The illustration wasn’t signed, but I’d recognize his work anywhere. Years ago he gave me one of his beautiful illustrations. It was of a masseuse and her customer who had a very long beard. Arnold also plays a mean saxophone. img_7861img_7859Here are a few Sundays from 2004:

ernie-04-01-11-color ernie-04-02-15-color ernie-04-03-14-color ernie-04-04-25-color ernie-04-07-25-color

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Bob Jr. x 2

Bob the caterpillar took off, but he left his two little brothers, Bob Jr. II and Bob Jr. III. Trouble is Bob Sr.a te all the parsley. I went to the Lowes to buy another parsley plant, but it’s too late in the season. So I bought an ornamental cabbage. They didn’t like that too much.  I tried an avocado, but that didn’t work either. The next day I bought some cilantro. The grocery store didn’t have any cut parsley. They didn’t like the cilantro. The next day I finally found some cut parsley. But they left before I could get it to them.

img_7813 img_7825


By the way, I mentioned that we’re remodeling our bathroom. The electrician was here last week.

img_7815Here’s a story from 2000. Ernie bulks up.ernie-00-04-24 ernie-00-04-25 ernie-00-04-26 ernie-00-04-27 ernie-00-04-28 ernie-00-04-29 ernie-00-05-01 ernie-00-05-02 ernie-00-05-03 ernie-00-05-04 ernie-00-05-05 ernie-00-05-06

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My friend, Bob

Here’s a little movie of Bob. I was wondering why my parsley was so pathetic. Bob is a Black Swallowtail caterpillar.

Last week I announced it and now they’re here! Click on my Books and Such link in the menu bar.

Hey, those EXTRA LARGE artichokes at Harris Teeter are getting more and more expensive!img_7812Here’s what happens when you weed whack your foot:img_7800

Here’s Loinfruit with his gallon can of garbanzo beans. He also has a gallon can of pork and beans and fifteen pounds of grits. I think he’s preparing for the apocalypse.

img_7799Next Saturday Frau Grace and I are going back to Florida leaving Loinfruit to guard the house. Pray for me.

OK, Here are some strips from 1994…

Niklas S. recently sent me an email asking if I could find this first strip. If there is an old strip that you remember and would like me to try to find, please email me and I’ll do my best. Thanks for asking, Niklas.

ernie-91-01-12 ernie-94-08-01 ernie-94-08-02 ernie-94-08-03 ernie-94-08-04 ernie-94-08-05 ernie-94-08-06 ernie-94-08-08 ernie-94-08-09

This next strip never appeared. I decided that it was too violent.ernie-94-08-10o ernie-94-08-10p

This next one is one of my all time favorites.ernie-94-08-11 ernie-94-08-12 ernie-94-08-13

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Two New Books

OK, I finally got it done. Two new books. You will be able to order them from Amazon toward the end of this coming week. The first is Ernie and the Piranha Club 2009-2010. It contains all the daily comic strips from (you guessed it) 2009 and 2010. No Sundays. They are in black and white (no color) just as I drew them. I hope to put out more collections in the future. And hey! What a terrific Christmas present for your demented Uncle Bob! They’re in the original English, so if you read Ernie in Serbo-Croatian, you finally get to see my beautiful lettering. It’s paperback and it’s 207 pages long. Wow! Here’s the cover:

Book-cover-09-10And a sample inside page:

The World's Ugliest Dog 3

I also made a paperback version of some of my old single panel magazine cartoons. These are from 30 years ago. There is a Kindle version out, but this is much better. And I added a bunch cartoons to the collection, so there are over 125 cartoons in there .  Here’s the cover:Guess-who-got-lucky-CoverAnd here’s a sample of what’s inside:

h-99 dynamite suppositories copyNow some of these cartoons are just a little bit naughty. So don’t buy the book for your little kiddies.

Each book will run you $12.95, I think. There’s shipping involved, but I don’t know how much. I’m going to order a bunch of books myself and sell them on the street. Next week I’ll add a link here on my blog.

OK, Here are a few Sundays from 2009.

Ernie-09-02-08-Color Ernie-09-07-05-Color Ernie-09-08-16-Color Ernie-09-12-20-Color

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