Talk about your fish!

My old man built a house in Bradenton Beach Florida in the late 1950’s. I was driving through my old neighborhood a couple days ago and came upon this:

It’s a 76 pound snapper. It won first prize in a fishing contest. The guy who had it was an artist of some sort and he said that he was going to make a reproduction of it. It’s the biggest snapper that I ever saw…

The surf board that it is on is 11 feet long. Look at that guy behind it for comparison. Wow! You know, I was raised on the water down there on Anna Maria Island, and I can’t catch a fish to save my life.

Then check this out. Cortez, Florida is a fishing village. You can get the freshest Gulf Seafood there that you could find anywhere. If you remember, the village of Cortez was mentioned in the film”The Perfect Storm.” One outfit is the Killer Bait company. They pulled in on a fishing boat just loaded with red herring. The fish on the boat couldn’t fit in the hold. They were piled on the deck overflowing the hold. It took them nearly and hour to unload all the fish. The pelicans, all over the place, jumped on the conveyor belt and ate themselves sick. The fishermen didn’t try to shoo them away. They must have had tons of fish. They unloaded that net about 30 times.

Here’s a Sunday from this time of year in 2000. The cabby must have known Sid…

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