The Mighty Seacows

Yesterday I (Nature Buddy) counted ten seacows in the canal. In the second clip check out the huge tail. And look for the propeller scars in the last clip.


IMG_8394I’m putting together another book just now. Daily strips from 1995-96. I hope to have it done in about a month.


Here is a little story from 2000. Ernie gets a little under the weather and makes a questionable life decision. I had to change my original dialog to make the story newspaper friendly. This is the original dialog.


Ernie 00-09-04 Ernie 00-09-05 Ernie 00-09-06 Ernie 00-09-07 Ernie 00-09-08 Ernie 00-09-09 Ernie 00-09-11 Ernie 00-09-12 Ernie 00-09-13 Ernie 00-09-14 Ernie 00-09-15 Ernie 00-09-16

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