Village of the Arts

The Village of the Arts is a neighborhood which is a short walk from downtown Bradenton, Florida. Local artists live there and have their studios and galleries in the old little houses. I drove through there today. It was Sunday and all the galleries were closed. Take a gander:


img_8126 img_8128 img_8131 img_8132 img_8133 img_8134 img_8135 img_8137

Back in January 1998 Enos was having marital problems. So who doesn’t? Frau Pork and Mother Packer have changed their hair styles since way back then.ernie-98-01-19 ernie-98-01-20 ernie-98-01-21 ernie-98-01-22 ernie-98-01-23 ernie-98-01-24 ernie-98-01-26 ernie-98-01-27 ernie-98-01-28 ernie-98-01-29 ernie-98-01-30 ernie-98-01-31

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